This Easy Tip Makes The Simplest Dish More Flavorful

It's not as complicated as you think!

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When it comes to cooking, making dishes extra flavorful can be a bit tricky. Add too much salt and it might be too salty to eat, or leaning on the cautious side can make your dishes lackluster. A good tip to remember: have an enticing sauce, dip, or gravy on the side of your dish. 

If you want to know how to add more flavor to any dish, take a look at these sauces, dips, and gravies that you can serve with your food.   

This salmon is topped with a lemony parsley sauce.
Photo by Patrick Martires

1 Lemon, Parsley, and Garlic Pesto Recipe 

Pesto means "pounded" but for this delicious and aromatic topping, just finely chopping or grating the lemon, parsley, and garlic will do the trick. What you get when you mix these three ingredients with olive oil is a fantastic topping that will boost the flavors of many dishes. Anything roasted, like this salmon fillet or baked chicken, will benefit from its fresh flavor. 

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This creamy sauce is made better with mushrooms.
Photo by Patrick Martires
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2 Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe 

If you love mushrooms, knowing how to transform it into a creamy sauce will open doors to flavor combos you can use for your meats and other dishes. Make a mushroom cream sauce, and you can simply toss it with cooked pasta for a simple pasta dish or use it as the substitute for gravy for a steak or even, fried or grilled chicken.

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This beef rice topping is made appetizing with a creamy sauce.
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3 Creamy Beef Gravy Recipe 

There are few things more satisfying than a rice bowl topped with a delicious ulam. This beef rice topping would be an average dish if not for the creamy beef gravy that was poured on top to take it from ordinary to irresistible. 

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Cola is what makes these sweet and sticky ribs irresistible!
Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

4 All-Around Barbecue Sauce Recipe  

Sweet and spicy are the classic flavor combos of barbecue sauces, and if you love it, then keep a container of the stuff handy for all things savory that's been roasted, baked, and even fried (Homemade chicken nuggets dunked in this sauce mimics that from the fast food chain.). With this sauce, you can grill plain meats and amp up the flavor with a basting of barbecue sauce. Serve more on the side to encourage everyone that they can load up on flavor with another slathering of this all-around sauce. 

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This bacon, fried egg, and fried rice meal is made even better with a drizzle of a savoy cheesy sauce.
Photo by Majoy Siason

5  Cheese Sauce Recipe 

Cheese may just be one of those universally-loved ingredients, and when it's served on the side of nachos, fries, or even a burger that's begging to be drizzled with the orange-hued stuff, you can be sure that no matter what they dunk in, it's going to be a powerhouse of a flavor boost. Jazz it up with spices for some heat or keep it neutral with good cheese, few dishes will not benefit with a little of this drizzled on it. 

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