5 Aligue Recipes You'll Want To Eat Everyday

Crab fat, or aligue, is a rich and savory sauce that goes well with many dishes.

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Aligue, otherwise known as crab fat, is delicious. While many turn away from the stuff, aligue, when prepared well, is a fantastic ingredient. It can be added and stirred easily into dishes, such as fried rice and stews. It can even be the main ingredient of a pasta sauce! 

What so great about aligue now is that unlike before, it's already bottled and ready to serve. If you really wanted to, you can open a bottle, stir it into your dish, and you're done! 

If you're wondering what one can possibly do with aligue other than use it as the sauce for crab, here are a few dishes that should change your mind about aligue

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1 Seafood Aligue Rice Recipe 

Fried rice is just an essential part of our meals, so it's no wonder that aligue has found its way to incorporate itself into that dish. Here, it's stirred together with other seafood to make the dish a meal that tastes of the sea. 

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2 Pork Stew in Aligue and Gata Recipe 

Pinoys love pork and we also love gata. So, when we put these two ingredients together, you know it's going to be a delicious dish. Add in the unexpected ingredient of aligue to the stew, and your pork dish just got a powerful upgrade in flavor. 


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3 Sundried Pesto Pasta with Aligue Recipe 

Sun-dried tomatoes and aligue combine to make this delicious pasta sauce. It's an unexpected flavor that may sound odd, but you have to taste it to fall in love with the ingredient tweak. 


4 Aligue-Glazed Calamari Recipe 

There's really an infinite number of ways you can use aligue and this recipe proves its versatility. These squid rings are battered and fried before being doused in a flavorful glaze that is not only sweet and sticky, it's got aligue stirred in, too. 

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5 Pancit Molo with Aligue Recipe 

Pancit Molo is already a timeless favorite, so the addition of aligue may be unwarranted. However, we think it's an addition that could place you in a predicament: whether you like it with the aligue or without it since both versions are definitely delicious. 

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If you want more recipes that feature crab, here are a few more recipes: 

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May 27, 2015

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