All The Leche Flan Recipes You Need for Christmas

These will be a hit at your Christmas party.

When it comes to Pinoy holiday desserts, leche flan is always a crowd pleaser. This egg-and-milk custard is sweet, caramel-flavored, and indulgent. There are so many different ways to enjoy it, too:

Coconut Leche Flan

You can use coconut milk to make your flan extra creamy and luscious.


Try making the classic leche flan with coconut milk and coconut cream!



Leche Flan Cake

A soft chiffon cake underneath the flan can soak up the caramel. This version is extra indulgent!


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It's leche flan and a chiffon made into one delicious cake. It's the dessert mash-up all Pinoys will love!


Coffee Leche Flan

Why not add a kick of caffeine to your leche flan?


End the meal with a bang with smooth and silky coffee-flavored custard.


Ube Leche Flan Cake

Combining flan and ube cake in one mouthwatering dessert is such a great idea, right?



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Ube + leche flan. This will be your new favorite dessert!


Leche Flan and Macapuno Pie

Macapuno meets leche flan in this delectable Pinoy dessert.


Leche flan takes on a different yet equally delectable form in this wonderful pie!


Cream Cheese Leche Flan

A fan of extra luscious leche flan? Add cream cheese to the mix!


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This leche flan is extra luscious thanks to cream cheese!



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Follow these simple tips for creamy and smooth leche flan!

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