Here Are All The Barbecue Marinades You Can Use This Summer

Use these marinades to make your grilled meats extra tasty!

Few summer dishes are as popular as the barbecue. In fact, not a lot of other dishes are as popular as our pork barbecue! It’s a staple at parties, whether it’s summer or not! 

From the sweet-spicy banana ketchup-based marinades that many of us love to the sticky, thick barbecue sauces that you need to lick off your fingers that the Americans are known for, there are as many ways to make barbecue as there are countries in the world. 

If you have plans on using the grill this summer, we have ideas on what you can do to your meats so that it’s a super delicious and irresistible recipe every time. Here are our favorite ways of making our grilled meats flavorful and appetizing: 

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1 All-Around Barbecue Sauce Recipe 

You can’t beat a flavorful barbecue sauce that you not only can use as the basting sauce but you can use it as well as a marinade. If you love the Western versions of barbecue, slathering this on your meats as it is grilled is a great way to start your barbecue feast! 

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2 Pinoy Barbecue Marinade Recipe 

You can’t rule out the sweet-spicy version that we have grown up eating and loving through adulthood. The banana ketchup is the key to this marinade but so are the rest of the ingredients in this unique barbecue marinade. Feel free to tweak the amounts of each ingredient to suit your taste but we assure you: you’ll need all the ingredients to make this the best tasting Pinoy-style barbecue you have ever tasted! 



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3 Korean Bulgogi Marinade Recipe 

Bulgogi basically means “grilled meat” or “fired meat”, so why not take a cue from the Koreans and make this version of their barbecue? If you love all things Korean, this barbecue marinade recipe that they use for many of their beef recipes can become your go-to recipe to get that Korean taste in your summer grilling menu. 

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4 Soy-Calamansi Marinade Recipe 

Are you grilling tuna or something just as fleshy and from the sea? Then this marinade is a great recipe to try on these delicate meats! Whether you’re grilling tuna belly, salmon halves, or blue marlin steaks, this simple soy sauce and calamansi marinade will ensure that each flakey piece is flavorful. Want to add more earthy flavors? Why not try sprinkling on some aromatic curry powder for a burst of flavor that will go well with almost any meat, too? 


5 Yogurt Marinade Recipes 

Did you know that yogurt has the same tenderizing capabilities are buttermilk? It does! That’s because the live bacteria in yogurt can do the same thing that the acidic components of buttermilk can do to meat. Plus, we think it’s easier to find in supermarkets than real buttermilk! You can start off with a simple yogurt marinade made more flavorful with kaffir lime, garlic, and lemons. You can also spice it up with the flavors of the Mediterranean, too, so you can feel like you’ve traveled out of the country and into the land of the Greeks!

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6 White Wine Marinade Recipe 

If you need a more delicious marinade that’s going to go on seafood, chicken, or even a light seasoning for beef, you might want to try this marinade. This white wine-based marinade has powerful flavoring ingredients but you’d be surprised how these ingredients can gently season your meat with just a little bit of marination. Give it taste before you pour it over everything so you can check if you like the flavor enough to not only make it into your marinade, but also reserve some for dipping the already grilled seafood into. 


7 Chicken Coconut-Curry Marinade Recipe  

There is something about chicken that makes barbecue incomplete without some of this meat on the grill, too. If you’re looking to make some chicken skewers, why not try something different for a change? This chicken fillet recipe is a great way to start. It begins with chicken marinated in a gata or coconut milk-based marinade that’s flavored with curry powder, lemongrass (tanglad), patis, and garlic. To make it not look so pale, atsuete oil or annatto seeds or powder soaked or dissolved in oil should help with making these barbecue sticks look as appetizing as it should look.

We know that the summer is just around the corner and even if it’s not, there is no reason to not indulge your cravings for some barbecue. Try a recipe or two that will make your meats more flavorful so you can make fond memories of the best days on the beach this summer. 



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