Make This Bulgogi Sauce To Recreate K-Barbecue Flavors At Home!

This sweet, savory sauce is perfect to toss into everything!

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Do you love Korean recipes? Your first taste of Korean dishes was probably a bulgogi beef bowl. This is a great introduction to Korean dishes because it's a combination of sweet, savory, and salty flavors in a bowl that's familiar: a rice meal. These are the same flavors you may have tasted at Korean barbecues, too! 

If you're curious how to make that flavorful beef topping, you're in luck. We have a great recipe for it so you can make it at home: bulgogi marinade.  

This is the bulgogi marinade you need to master! It's a simple combination of rather ordinary ingredients but together, it becomes a silky, sweet, savory, and ultimately, a very versatile sauce that you can use on just about anything! 


Basic Korean Bulgogi Marinade Recipe 

This is the sauce that will make all your delicious Korean dishes more flavorful! What you can do to cut prep time for many of your dishes is to make a big batch of this marinade sauce and then store it in jars, squeeze bottles, or even in reusable containers. This way, when the need to make beef, chicken, pork, or even your favorite combo of stir-fried vegetables taste like that local Korean barbecue, you just need to pour it over. 

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Armed with this fantastic marinade, you should easily be able to make any of these bulgogi-inspired dishes and more! 


1 Beef Bulgogi Recipe 

Go basic with this easy stir-fried recipe. Use the basic bulgogi marinade above or use the one in this recipe to make this classic Korean beef dish. See exactly what the fuss is about when you taste this version. It allows the beef to be the vehicle of all those flavors in the marinade. 

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2 Beef Bulgogi Rice Topping Recipe 

A lot of dishes just taste better with rice. That's why this rice topping is the only way to serve your bulgogi. It makes for a satisfying and filling meal! You can even serve it with kimchi for a better dining experience that feels (and tastes!) more Korean. 

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3 Korean Bulgogi Burger Recipe 

You can certainly get creative with your bulgogi marinade! Using ground beef and flavoring it with the marinade will only mean you get a powerfully tasty bite every time. Ease off and don't let umay beat you by making these into tiny sliders. This way, you're never overwhelmed by the flavors of the burger or the sauce you just used. 

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4 Beef Bulgogi Bao with Kimchi Slaw Recipe 


Treat the bulgogi as the Asian dish that it is, so it's just natural that flavorful beef strips would get stuffed into mantao. Mantao are the soft rice buns we know more commonly as siopao that we usually find stuffed with a bola bola or asado pork filling. The big difference is that mantao buns are steamed without any filling, leaving it plain. These then make the perfect buns for the bulgogi beef strips to be stuffed in.  

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5 Grilled Beef and Glass Noodles in Kimchi Broth Recipe 


There's no need to buy prepared bulgogi marinade for this recipe since you already know how to make it from scratch! Once you have your bulgogi marinade, everything else about this recipe is fast and easy to prepare. 

6 Kimchi Dog Recipe 

Not all bulgogi recipes need to be a meal. In this case, the beef bulgogi is mixed with some chopped up kimchi to make the topping of this Korean-inspired hotdog. You'll get a powerfully flavorful mouthful with every bite!


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Making marinades, sauces, and even dips from scratch is a fantastic way to make your cooking life easier as well as incredibly flavorful. These are the flavor cornerstones of your dishes so learning these basic recipes will ensure that no matter what you are making, it's always going to result in a delicious meal. 


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