10 Basic Recipes You Need to Master This 2019

Learning these basic recipes will sustain you the entire year.

Kickstart this year’s adventures with one right at home, in the kitchen. We’re sure new cooks will have an easy time making these easy, classic recipes. Since these are the basic recipes, each is easy to master. Once you do, you’ll be making them for the rest of your life, or even better: they’ll make you want to learn even more exciting recipes.

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1 Adobo Recipe

Your cultural heritage hinges on your knowledge of adobo! If your mom didn’t teach you this simple dish, it’s time to learn it now. After all, adobo became a Filipino classic, not because it's delicious, but also because of practicality. Adobo has a long shelf life and is made with basic ingredients that almost any Filipino kitchen would have. So, take a peek. You just might have all you need in your pantry to make this recipe right now.


This CPA isn't a classic for nothing. All the ingredients this needs are already in your pantry.

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Here we give you tips on how to make great-tasting adobo.

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There is great variety in the way adobo is prepared in different regions across the country.

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Who doesn't love classic Pinoy adobo flavors?

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2 Sinigang Recipe

Every family has their own version of the sinigang. So, go ahead and ask your mom her recipe, but also, why not try to give it your own twist? It’s also a good idea to stray from the norm and explore what you want your sinigang to taste like. Take a look at these sinigang recipes for some inspiration. 

Sinigang from scratch? You can do it!

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Sinigang is the perfect comfort food-it's so easy to make, and it's very versatile, too!

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3 Nilaga Recipe


Beef may seem intimidating to cook, but with a pressure cooker and some guidance, we’re sure even first-time cooks can do it. The nilaga is the most basic of Filipino soups because there are no complicated flavors, like spices and herbs, disturbing the pure beefiness of the classic beef version. Keep it simple and unadulterated at first before venturing out and trying out other ingredients to make it even more delicious. 

Beef nilaga is a beef soup with vegetables.

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4 Giniling Recipe

Giniling is more than just ground meat. It's the simplest of stews and yet, one of the most flavorful and versatile. It is served at any time of the day, including breakfast! Once you master the basic recipe, it’s easy to turn it into a sandwich filling, pasta sauce, chili con carne and so much more! Become confident in cooking this one recipe will open up other delicious doors.

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Whip up this easy pork dish for baon!

Throw in some carrots, potatoes, and green peas for texture and added flavors to this easy pork dish.

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You can make dishes with ground meat exciting again.

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5 Tinola Recipe


It’s one of the simplest, homiest, and coziest chicken recipes you’ll ever make. Just like any good, classic chicken recipe, a piping hot bowl of a delicious chicken soup, just like mom used to make, can keep you company throughout your life. 

Wind down with a comforting bowl of Filipino chicken soup.

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This Filipino chicken soup's broth is flavored with ginger and made extra tasty with patis.

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6 Lugaw Recipe

Everybody needs lugaw. There is no excuse not to learn this extremely easy but absolutely essential recipe. It's your introduction to our version of the porridge, so the next time you feel a little under the weather or need a hearty yet hot bowl of food, make this.  

This classic rice porridge will keep you warm and comfy after a long day.

Lugaw, or Filipino rice porridge, makes for a delicious and comforting breakfast.

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7 A No-Fail Leche Flan Recipe


Simple ingredients make up this ultra creamy, favorite classic Filipino dessert. At its most basic, all you really need are eggs, evaporated milk, and condensed milk to make it. We're pretty sure these are staples of any sari sari store so should you need dessert, you know you can make this in preparation of these emergencies. Also, there’s no need for an oven!

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This leche flan recipe is easy to remember!

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8 Golden Fried Chicken Recipe

Good fried chicken is one of those dishes that’s always good. Master the basic recipe, and you can easily play around with your sauces, spices, and other add-ins to complement its delicious crunch.

This fried chicken recipe has a secret: butter!

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You know you're Pinoy when you eat even the most buttery fried chicken with lots and lots of gravy.

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9 Filipino-Style Sweet Spaghetti Recipe


Can you remember the first time you had spaghetti? Was it love at first bite? The time has come for you to try your hand in making this classic Pinoy version of the Italian pasta. Don't forget the hotdogs! 

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Learn how to make classic spaghetti and meatballs!

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10 Fluffy Pancake Recipe

Fluffy pancakes for breakfast is always a good sign that the day is going to be awesome. Learn to make this breakfast staple for awesome mornings ahead.

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Buttermilk adds a little tang to an otherwise normal homemade pancake.

Make breakfast pancakes even better with bacon!

Don’t be scared to try any of these recipes out! You'll enjoy the process of learning how to make your favorite recipes. We promise you, there’s not an activity more deliciously rewarding than cooking. 


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