This Basic Teriyaki Recipe Is All You Need In Life

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Sweet, savory, and delicious, a basic teriyaki sauce is all of these (it can be spicy, too). The teriyaki dish in Japan is actually anything that has been grilled, charred, or broiled to perfection, coupled with teriyaki sauce.. 

While it's easy enough to find in supermarkets or even your local Japanese mart, it's also easy to make from scratch. In fact, it's so easy, we know you have the ingredients right now in your kitchen so all you have to do is remember this simple formula we made.  


The basic teriyaki glaze is really quite simple. Just remember this easy formula: 

1 part soy sauce + 1/2 part honey + 1/8 part sesame oil + 1/8 part garlic or ginger 

Just put all these ingredients together into a small saucepan and bring to a simmer until the ginger and garlic have cooked some, the honey and soy sauce has mixed together, before adding the sesame oil. Now this is an easy way to remember how much of what ingredient you're going to need. This translates to this in simple cup measurements

1 cup soy sauce + 1/2 cup honey + 1/8 cup sesame oil + 1/8 cup garlic or ginger 

This is a great sauce to keep on hand! This keeps very well since it has salt (soy sauce) and sugar (honey) acting as natural preservatives. Easier yet, make this in a squeeze bottle so whenever you have the need to add some sweet and savory flavors to something, just a little squeeze can get you to that flavor haven you're looking for. 

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However, you don't have to follow this formula. Say you want more sesame flavor and less ginger. You can certainly tweak this formula to create a delicious teriyaki sauce that's just right for you

Other tweaks you may want to make so it's perfect for your taste include using more or less honey to change the sweetness level, swapping out the honey for brown sugar, using toasted sesame seeds instead of sesame oil, or even adding chili garlic sauce or adding chopped-up siling labuyo to the mix to add a zing of heat with every bite to this glaze. 

Whichever tweak you want to make to this basic recipe, it's all good. After all, this is your recipe which you can totally claim as your own once you make the necessary changes so it's perfect according to your taste. 

Now that you have that recipe decided, you can have the freedom to do whatever you want with your newly made teriyaki sauce! Here are some ideas on how we think you can use it: 


1 Tuna Teriyaki Recipe 

Tuna, especially fresh tuna, is a kitchen staple that will never grow old! This delicious meat is easy to find in cans at your local supermarket and if you happen to find fresh cuts of this fish from your vendor or palengke, even better. All you really need to do is toss the tuna with your teriyaki sauce and you can easily make a quick and easy meal with some freshly steamed rice. Some simply stir-fried togue or bean sprouts won't be out of place with this meal if you want to add it in, too! 


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Jul 23, 2009

This easy chicken teriyaki recipe will be your go-to weekly dinner dish.
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2 Easy Chicken Teriyaki Recipe 

We all know how easy it is to grab a bottle of premade marinades and sauces from the supermarket. There's nothing wrong with that! In fact, you just made your job of putting a flavorful, delicious meal on the table a few steps easier. With this recipe, we grab a bottle of barbecue marinade and add a few ingredients to make it into a glaze that's worthy of being called a "teriyaki sauce". Once you realize how easy this bottled hack is, you may want to keep that bottle and a few ingredients within handy reach all the time from now on. 


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3 Salmon Teriyaki Recipe 

There's nothing wrong with being afraid of cooking salmon or any other fish. We know how disappointing it can be when you're so looking forward to eating that beautiful slab of fish only to discover you went too far and overcooked your fish. We have some great ideas on how you can avoid overcooking your salmon or any other fish again. Master these tips and tricks and this no fish will ever intimidate you again. Plus, once you have that perfectly cooked fish, all you need to do is make the teriyaki sauce to glaze over its flakey surface for a delicious meal.  


4 Barbecued Teriyaki Shrimp Recipe 

Seafood is always delicious we say! There is just something about shrimp in particular that can make any meal a special one. It's succulent, juicy little bites are a great complementary flavor for the sweet and savory teriyaki sauce. Putting these glazed shrimp on the grill just adds another element of flavor that tells you that this is indeed a meal worth savoring.  


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5 Grilled Teriyaki Beef Kebabs Recipe 

Shrimp isn't the only thing that can be made extra special with a quick slather of teriyaki sauce! These grilled beef chunks can only become more flavorful with the glaze brushed on it as it charred and cooked over a grill. However, this teriyaki sauce has a secret ingredient that not only make it more flavorful all together, but it also ensures that each bite from these sticks are tender. 


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6 Tofu and Mushroom Teriyaki Recipe 

Meats aren't the only ones that can benefit from the flavors of the teriyaki glaze! Tofu and mushrooms can be made just as flavorful and appetizing as any meat. This recipe takes that sweet and salty glaze and instead of marinating it so it can infuse the chunks and pieces, it's simmered instead. This act of simmering ensures that the tofu and mushrooms are not just infused with its flavors but are also injected with the teriyaki sauce through heat. All this means is that every bite is going to be intensely delicious. 


We have many recipes that make the teriyaki sauce the star flavor with every bite, but we think it's about time you take the reins of your cooking and make you own version of this easy yet highly flavorful sauce. We've shown you how versatile it can be with whatever meat you have on hand, so go on and take charge of your dinner tonight.


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