You Can Make Salpicao with Beef, Pork, Mushrooms, Chicken, and Bangus

Love the garlicky kick of salpicao?

Salpicao is a staple dish in many households—who doesn’t love that characteristic garlicky kick? Often made with beef cubes and stir-fried over high heat, salpicao is an easy dish packed with lots of flavor. You can make it saucy and season it however you like—with or without lots of pepper, with different kinds of proteins, but always will an extra handful of crunchy garlic. Here are a few recipes you need to try:



1 Mushroom Salpicao

Go meatless with this version of salpicao that uses shiitake mushrooms instead of beef. It still delivers on flavor! 


Go meatless with this version of salpicao that uses shiitake mushrooms instead of beef.




2 Pork Salpicao

Use cubed pork to whip a salpicao that can be served as either a main dish or a side dish. 


A variation on beef salpicao but just as tasty!




3 Chicken Mushroom Salpicao

Chicken breast delivers on making a hearty salpicao using simple ingredients. 


Hello, hearty lunch! Prep a steaming bowl of tasty garlic rice and you're all set.




4 Bangus Salpicao

Going meatless? Use bangus fillets to a fun take on salpicao! Don't hold back on the garlic and peppers. 


Swap out beef tenderloin for a bangus fillet for a new take on the Pinoy favorite.



5 Beef Salpicao

Craving classic beef salpicao? We've got you covered. 


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Tender, juicy beef with savory, garlicky flavors. Yum!



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Here's a different take on tasty salpicao!

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