All The Beef With Mushroom Recipes You Can Make

It's a delicious food pairing.

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You might love the mushroom as an appetizer simply sauteed with lots of garlic. You might love it when it's the main ingredient of the creamy dish you're enjoying as a chicken pastel or a homemade cream of mushroom soup. 

The mushroom is commonly made into a luscious sauce that pairs wonderfully with almost any meat. Pork chops are even more appealing enrobed in a chunky and creamy mushroom sauce as will simple pan-fried chicken. Even fried bangus is made tastier with a mushroom sauce on the side!     

Just like pork, chicken, and even fish is a delicious pairing with mushrooms, so does beef. Here are beef with mushroom recipes to try: 

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1 Beef and Mushroom Pancit Canton Recipe   

Make your meal super speedy with a pancit canton recipe that's made hearty with thin slices of beef and whole mushrooms. That's all the flavor you need to boost this meal from ordinary to super tasty! 

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2 Korean Beef and Mushroom Stew Recipe 

Savory but sweet at the same time, this stew is a great combination of both flavors that prove that it can marry well into one dish. Those flavors are the only ones in play; spicy is also another flavor that makes this beef and mushroom recipe so delicious. If Korean food is your passion, this is one recipe that makes meaty dishes pale in comparison to the flavor bomb this delivers.  


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3 Beef and Mushroom Nilaga Recipe  

Nilaga recipes are simple recipes. The beef version is the most common and well-known of the nilaga series of recipes but that's doesn't mean you can't tweak and make it better. A simple addition of canned shiitake mushrooms gives this beef nilaga recipe a burst of umami you didn't know it needed. 


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4 Bacon Mushroom Cheeseburger Recipe 

If you want to indulge in a guilty pleasure, there's no reason to not go all the way! This beef burger is a loaded affair. It not only has a wonderfully thick beef burger patty but it also sports a melty cheese slice, bacon bits, and sauteed mushrooms to make sure that every bite is as satisfying complete as it should be.  



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5 Braised Beef and Mushroom Pasta Recipe 

Beef is notorious for being a tough cut. Only the tenderloin can claim to be cooked to tenderness by a cook with a minimum of cooking skills. That's why long-cooking processes such as braising are popular with beef recipes. 


This braised beef recipe is a classic one that takes on the challenge of tenderizing the beef and allows you to even overcook it so that it will shred more easily. Overcooking the beef in its own sauce is a brilliant move that transforms a mistake into what you actually desired. What's even better is that mushrooms can handle the long-cooking process better than the beef can and will survive most if not all of your cooking mistakes, too. 

Top your favorite kind of pasta with this braised beef and mushroom stew for a hearty meal you didn't know you could make.   

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6 Braised Beef with Chorizo and Mushroom Recipe 

Braising is a great way to tenderize meat. To make it different from other braised beef dishes, tweak the recipe. Here, the braised beef is accompanied by chorizo links and rehydrated dried shiitake mushrooms that boost the flavor and beefiness of the dish. 

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7 Beef Stroganoff Recipe 

When it comes to a classic beef and mushroom recipe that's creamy, this is the recipe to try. This creamy beef and mushroom recipe is a simple stir-fried beef and mushroom dish that's made delicious with the last-minute addition of sour cream. The sour cream cuts the beefy taste, giving you a wonderful play of flavors that is fantastic served on top of noodles or a pile of rice.    

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8 Lengua with Three Mushroom Sauce Recipe 

Lengua or beef tongue is not always a welcome dish on the table. However, when its served in this way, you may change your mind. This lengua recipe uses three kinds of mushrooms to create the incredibly creamy mushroom sauce.

Pairing beef with mushroom is a great way to change up meal ideas so you don't get bored with your meal choices. Make one of these beef dishes and see how much more in love with using mushrooms in your recipes you can be. 


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