WATCH: You Can Use Beer To Make These Delicious Grilled Chicken Wings

This recipe proves you can do more with beer!

Did you know that you may use beer as an ingredient? This grilled chicken recipe uses a marinade with a dark beer. 

We grilled the chicken wings for the char and while it's a fantastic way to add even more flavor to chicken wings, you can also achieve something similar by using a grill pan on the stovetop. There's no heating up of charcoal, and no cold and hot spots to watch out for. What's great about a grill pan is that you can still achieve the signature grill marks and some of the char without having to do all that outside. 

Here's the recipe so you, too, can start grilling and make these unique tasting chicken wings to pair with an ice cold brew.  

This chicken dish gets a boost of flavor from the beer!

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These are really flavorful!

Two extra-simple steps can transform ordinary breaded chicken into restaurant-style wings.

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