These Are The Best Meat Cuts To Put On The Barbecue

You’d be surprised that the best cuts of meat to cook the grill aren’t the most popular.

When it comes to grilling meat, you are probably thinking the best cuts of grilled meats are the liempo, the chicken breast, and a steak cut. While these are the most popular, we discovered something surprising, that there are other cuts of meat that should earn a rightful place on your grill. 


Whether you’re barbecuing chicken, pork or beef, three cuts stand out as great options when choosing your meats at the butcher shop because each can stand the high heat and each contains enough fat to remain moist as it cooks. 

Illustration by Jon Tolentino

These are the three cuts that we think ought to get the some grill marks, too:

Boneless Chicken Thighs

Chicken legs and breasts are favorite barbecue cuts. Every inasal na manok restaurant feature these spitted chicken quarters, and we know it’s a great cut. You get all the flavor of the marinade, plus, the bone-in cut helps prevent the meat from over cooking.


But there’s cut that’s often overlooked: boneless chicken thighs. It’s fatty enough that it’s not prone to being overcooked on the grill, unlike the breast which can easily dry out without help. Plus, boneless chicken thighs are easy to cube and skewer on sticks, instead of having to thread slivers of meat. It’s also a fast and easy cut to marinate, since it’s naturally thin enough to not need too much time to absorb flavors. Best of all, you won’t have to literally dig in since there are no bones to pick through.


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Boneless Beef Short Ribs

Steaks are fantastic grilled, and while there are cuts that are wonderfully marbled, the high price you have to pay for these fat-riddled cuts can be restricting and discouraging.

That’s why we suggest another beef cut that, while not a steak, remains incredibly beefy to the taste and also sports the marbling that we desire in it: boneless beef short ribs. Koreans love to grill these teppanyaki-style, so they’re on to something delicious that we think we should all join in.

These short ribs make the best beef cubes to grill on the barbecue, and you’ll love that you won’t be paying wagyu prices.



Pork Shoulder (Pork Kasim)

Liempo will always be a Pinoy favorite. It’s a highly marbled piece of pork that becomes even more flavorful as the fatty layers renders, so it’s understandable that it’s the perfect choice for barbecuing. It may be hard to think there’s another pork cut that could possibly beat the liempo as a favorite barbecued meat. 

However, we think there’s another cut that should get some love from the barbecuing fans: the pork kasim.

Also known as the pork shoulder, Pinoys mainly use this cut for making into stews. However, next to the pork belly where the liempo is from, the kasim is the next fattiest of the pork cuts. Layers of fat intersect the meat that, when cooked, dissolve, leaving the pork moist and tender. The same reason why the pork kasim is fantastic as a cut for stews makes it just as good when cooked on the barbecue.

Not only that, one of the best reasons to put this cut on the barbecue to slowly cook and tenderize is that it’s hard to overcook because of its fat. Leave on the top layer of fat and you have an instant baster that will not only keep your pork moist as it cooks on the barbecue, it can char and turn crisp as it does, too.




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