This Is The Best Pan For Cooking Burgers

You need to try this trick!

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If you think grilling is the only right way to cook a burger, you may be right. There's really nothing like a wonderfully grilled burger with its smokey flavors and charred appearance.

However, there is a way to cook a burger that is comparable to cooking it on the grill: it's using your frying pan.

You may be wondering: 

Can you cook burgers in a frying pan? 

Of course, you can!

The trick to cooking a fantastic burger on the stovetop in a frying pan is how you cook it and what you use to cook it. There is no big secret on how to do it but there is a way to ensure that you get a fantastic flavor in your burger. 

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There's a pan that will not only cook your burger well, but it will also even give it that distinctive grill marks: the grill pan.

What makes this specialty pan comparable to the grill and even a cast iron pan is that it's usually made of cast iron or a similarly hardy metal that would also retain heat very well. It can be coated to make it a nonstick pan but otherwise, it functions as the best indoor "grill". 

Use it as you would any pan but its versatility lies in the fact that whether you're using a gas or electric stove, you can still use it. If it's made of an uncoated cast iron metal, you can even use it on your induction stove. How can you tell if it will work on it? If the bottom of the pan is magnetic, it should work. 

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If you don't have a grill pan, the other pan you can use to cook your burger in is a cast iron pan. Cast iron is a fantastic metal for pans since it can and does retain heat better than most other metals. If you have it, this is the best pan to use for searing your burgers. (Just remember to take care of your cast iron pan.) 


If you have neither of these two pans, you can still make a fantastic burger! While you may not get a similar smokey flavor as you would on a grill, you can still infuse it with lots of flavorful. Searing your burgers is the key and that means not using a nonstick pan. (Don't worry! The fat in the burger will prevent it from sticking while keeping it moist and juicy.) Use a stainless steel or even a wok because you'll want it to be hot to get the best possible sear on your burger.  

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What's so great about cooking a burger in a frying pan is that it is easy enough to do every day and that's the beauty of this technique. 

If you're ready to make burgers, here are some burger recipes we think you should consider making: 

You should try this burger steak that's a hack of the fast food chain's popular rice meal.
Photo by Riell Santos

1 Jollibee-Style Burger Steak Recipe 

How can you go wrong when you slather it with a tasty mushroom sauce? The best part is that you don't even need a bun. Plain old rice will do perfectly! 


Photo by Dairy Darilag

2 Cheese-Stuffed Burger Recipe

You can definitely make a simple burger but why go simple? We say amp up the appetizing qualities of your burger by stuffing cheese into its center as we did here. No burger stands a chance against this awesome cheese-stuffed cheeseburger!   


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Photo by Lilen Uy

3 Thai Chicken Burger Recipe 

Go Asian with the flavors of your burger! This burger is not only going to be wonderfully tasty-it's got a cucumber-pineapple relish on top, too!-the patty itself is packed with flavor. Finely chopped lemongrass, cilantro, basil, patis or fish sauce, and even red curry paste ensure that each bite is as flavorful as it can be.   


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4 Beef Burgers Recipe 

These may not be on a bun, but that doesn't mean these patties won't make a fantastic burger! Pop these into burger buns or serve it as is for a classic burger patty and rice meal. 

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Sep 30, 2017

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

5 Chori Burger Recipe with Caramelized Onions 

The chori burger is famous among those who have visited Boracay. It's basically a longganisa, sliced in half and grilled, usually by the seashore. These are then stuffed into buns to eat as you walk along the beach. Make these more burger more friendly by making a longganisa meat mix into burger patties then upgrade with a dollop of onion jam.      

Burgers are really a great indicator that summer is really here! Take advantage of the hot summer months and dust off your grill pan to make burgers. Use it to make more than just your usual inihaw recipes and make lunches more fun with these burger recipes. 

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