Bibimbap Recipes To Make Instead Of Your Usual Fried Rice


Any Korean menu will have this dish on its menu: the bibimbap. You'll see that it's a popular dish and it's no wonder. It's a fried rice meal that is super satisfying as well as super tasty with the flavors and tastes of Korea that we have grown to love! 

Bibimbap translates to "mixed rice" in Korean, and that's exactly what you are supposed to do with it. The prettily arranged ingredients on top of the rice are not just for presentation purposes. It also tells you exactly what you'll be mixing into your rice.

Common bibimbap ingredients include a variety of raw as well as sautéed or steamed vegetables, usually thin sticks of carrots, cucumbers, sautéed togue or bean sprouts, steamed kangkong or water spinach with sesame seeds, and sautéed mushrooms. It will also include a dollop of gochujang or the hot pepper paste, and strips of beef or another kind of meat depending on your preference. It is also usually topped with either a whole raw egg (sometimes just the yolk for extra richness) if served in the traditional stone bowl or sizzling plate, or a crispy fried egg if served in a normal bowl.


All these ingredients top steamed white rice. 

If all those toppings sound amazing to you, you need to learn how to make this rice bowl! Here are four bibimbap recipes to try at home:   

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1 Brown Rice Bibimbap Recipe 

Bibimbap isn't just for white rice. If you're on the Mediterranean diet or just want to eat better, this version of the bibimbap has all the ingredients you want in a traditional bowl but with one big difference: the rice underneath is steamed fluffy brown rice.   


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2 Breakfast Bibimbap Recipe  

Your daily garlic fried rice meal is sure to be challenged when you are faced with this rice bowl! The bibimbap is topped with candied bacon that mimics tocino instead of tapa. Are you going for the classic tocino meal or the loaded Korean version? It's all up to you to make your choice of what to make when morning comes.  


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3 Bacon Bibimbap Recipe 

Bacon can and will make any dish more delicious. In the case of the bibimbap, it's not hard to make this rice bowl more appetizing but the addition of bacon sure can turn any observer into an eater! Plus, bacon isn't just for breakfast! Try it when the craving strikes so you can enjoy its flavor at any time of the day. 


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4 Vegetarian Bibimbap Recipe 

The requisite togue, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms, and a few leafy greens encircle the sunny-side-up egg of this bowl. This bowl is totally a classic but without the meat many look for. However, you might find that you do not need it when the sauce is so flavorful! 


The gochujang or red pepper paste shines in this version because it's mixed with other ingredients to make it totally irresistible. Once you get a taste of the homemade bibimbap sauce, you will want it to be coating everything else in the bowl.     

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May 5, 2015

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