This newbie cook learns this popular ulam recipe is easy to cook.

There is always a first time for many things. For new cooks, it's usually how to cook their favorite dishes or at the least, one of their favorite food to eat. It follows that if you love to eat it, learning to cook it will guarantee that you will get to eat it more often. There's no stopping you from making it every day if that's your heart's desire!  

That's how this newbie cook learned to cook a delicious Filipino ulam recipe in the second episode of Cooking With Newbies.

Our first episode featured the colorful and easy rainbow puto recipe. This time, however, we thought it right that we cook an equally easy recipe that is more commonly cooked at any Pinoy home. We had our cooking newbie, entertainment journalist Jimpy Anarcon, learn how to cook bistek Tagalog with the expert help of's food editor Roselle Miranda


Why bistek? Bistek is a popular Filipino recipe that's commonly cooked at home and in many carinderias and food places, and it's one of Roselle's favorite dishes. 

What many people don't know is that despite the fact that bistek is made with beef - it is, after all, from the phrase "beef steak" - it doesn't have to be made with beef. We used pork. It's a simple and easy tweak to this easy bistek Tagalog recipe so it's not only faster to cook, but it's also easier and more affordable for anyone to cook at home. 

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Jun 15, 2015

How to cook bistek is easy if you have a reliable recipe to turn to, and with this video, we hope you are encouraged to not only try cooking this bistek recipe at home, you're also inspired to check out other easy recipes that you may want to try.


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