Add This One Ingredient To Your Bistek Recipe To Make It Irresistible!


You may think that there are many ways to make the Pinoy bistek. However, most bistek recipes have the minimum of ingredients. After all, there are only three main ingredients in a basic bistek recipe: soy sauce, calamansi juice, and the meat you prefer. 

It's actually very easy to make bistek. The ingredients are available in major supermarkets and since there are only three ingredients you really need (apart from the universal seasonings, salt and ground black pepper, cooking oil, and water), it's hard to find a reason not to make the bistek Tagalog

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Since the recipe is so simple, there are many ways to tweak the recipe to not only make it more delicious, but to also make it different so you never tire of its flavor. 

There are recipes that add garlic to the mix to give it its delicious aroma, flavor, and taste. Other recipes choose to swap out the calamansi juice for lemon juice for a different type of citrus flavor that's still refreshing while giving it a different tang. There are others who swap the meat for something else entirely. The typical beef cut for the bistek tagalog used is the sirloin, thinly sliced so it easily cooks and stays tender.


This meat, however, is easily exchanged with chicken, bangus or other types of fish, tofu, or just another cut of beef that's just as tender.

While all of these ingredient swaps and tweaks are delicious, we think there is one ingredient that will trump all the others and in fact, make it even more delicious. It's an ingredient that you may already have in your kitchen, bought or reserved to be used for another recipe, but we say use it in your next bistek Tagalog recipe instead. 

What is this ingredient, you wonder? It's all-purpose cream. 

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There are many uses for all-purpose cream, but we think this is the ingredient that will take your bistek recipe over the top. Not only will it make it creamy, it will also jack up its appeal. Who doesn't love a creamy beef dish? Plus, it's a great flavor complement to soy sauce as well as the calamansi juice. 

Trust us. It's a match made in a delicious bistek heaven. You will have to try it to fall in love with it, too. 

The next time you have a craving for something that's creamy and delicious, yet easy to make, you should look to making this easy three-ingredient recipe. Then, transform it into a four-ingredient recipe by stirring in some all-purpose cream at the last minute right before serving your version of a creamy bistek Tagalog. 

Need more encouragement to use all-purpose cream in your recipes? Here are some creamy recipes made even better when all-purpose cream is added to the mix: 

Photo by Majoy Siason

1 Braised Chicken in Creamy Mushroom Recipe 

This easy chicken recipe is swimming in a creamy mushroom sauce that's made using cream. Mushrooms are a dream when added to something creamy so you can just imagine how delicious this creamy mushroom sauce is served with tenderly braised chicken, too. 


2 Meatball Pasta with Creamy Tomato Sauce Recipe

Want an easy but delicious baon? You can't go wrong with a pasta dish that's loaded with meatballs and tossed in a creamy tomato sauce. 


Yes, you can use pork to make this creamy dish.
Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

3 Creamy Pork Ala King Recipe 

Chicken and beef are not the only meats to benefit from being paired with all-purpose cream! Pork is just as delicious with cream as this recipe will prove to you.   

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4 Spaghetti With Cream Sauce Recipe 

We love pasta and we bet you do, too. However, there is just so much carbonara you can eat, so if you're tiring of having the usual carbonara every time you want pasta, try this just as creamy pasta. 


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5 Pork Chops with Mushroom Alfredo Sauce Recipe

You can easily jazz up a simple pork chop meal with an amazingly creamy and delicious sauce. Pork, mushrooms, and cream do wonderful things to your meal when it's paired up in this way. 

The creamy pasta sauce is flavored with cream, cheese, and chicken.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

6 Chicken Alfredo Pasta Recipe 

Creamy chicken dishes are common so it's no wonder that there are more than a few creamy chicken recipes on this list. This is one pasta recipe we think you should make an exception for because it's just that good. Plus, it's a creamy chicken sauce that's waiting for you to try. 

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7 Pan-fried Chicken With Tomato-Garlic Cream Sauce Recipe 

Mushrooms may be delicious when made creamy but there are other ingredients just as delicious when paired with cream. Tomatoes and garlic are two other ingredients that could give mushroom a fighting chance to be your favorite pairing with cream. Here, chicken is simmered in a tomato-garlic cream sauce that's delectable as it is easy to make. 

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8 Creamy Seafood and Ginger Soup Recipe 

Cream goes amazingly well with many dishes, and seafood is one of them. To be honest, there are few things that doesn't go well with cream so you should be delighted to know that your favorite food would go great with cream. Take a chance and see if you would love to taste this creamy version of this seafood soup with a hint of ginger in the soup. 

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There are just so many ways to make a dish creamy! If you're not yet that you would love the dish you are making, try adding some all-purpose cream to the mix. You might be surprised that even something as simple as a bistek recipe can be made even better with a little tweak to the recipe. 

If these recipes are not enough to convince you that creamy recipes can be made different every time, here are even more recipes that may just convince you. 


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