These Bola Bola Meatballs Should Be Your Go-To Weeknight Recipe

Meatballs are easy meats you can cook on the stove for super flavorful meals.

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Making ground meat into bola bola or meatballs is just as tasty and easy to cook as a burger. It's also a great and delicious way to change things up when your daily meals have become boring. Here are a few bola bola recipes that you should add to this week's meal plan: 

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1 Pork Meatball and Misua Soup Recipe


Not only is this soup delicious, but it's also hearty. The pork meatballs swim in a light yet flavorful broth that's spiced with some red pepper flakes to give it an extra kick. 

This pork meatball and misua soup is a homey dish to come home to!

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

2 Asian Meatball Roll Recipe 

The ingredients list may be long but it's really a dump-and-mix recipe that delivers a lot of flavor into each bite of this filling sandwich.  


This hearty meatball sandwich satisfies your sweet-salty craving!

Photo by Patrick Martires

3 Meatball Lasagna Recipe 

When it comes to pasta, lasagna may be one of the more complicated recipes. However, it also delivers some of the most delicious plates of pasta. You know some love was added to the recipe when you're served a lasagna like this one. 


Kids can help with the layering of the ingredients. The important thing is to enjoy the process!

Photo by Majoy Siason

4 Almondigas Recipe  

This soup has probably been served to you whenever you were a little sick. That's because it's tasty, easy to cook, and even has veggies. Plus, it's got tiny little meatballs to make you love each spoonful.

This meatball-and-noodle soup is a comforting Pinoy dish.

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5 Bacon-Wrapped Meatballs Recipe 


They say everything is made better with bacon. In this case, these are the meatballs you wish every party would serve: this dish has savory meatballs underneath the sweet-smokey bacon. Use prepared meatballs to make this even easier to make. Plus, it's served with a creamy dip made of cheese.  

Bacon makes everything better.

Photo by Dairy Darilag

6 Chinese Meatballs Recipe 


If you love xiao long bao, or soup dumplings, then you'll love that this is the deconstructed or easy way of getting those delicious flavors in a meal. All that flavor and you don't have to do the complicated process of making the complex Chinese dumplings. Win!  

These pork meatballs are, in essence,siomai without the wrapper. Yum!

Photo by Majoy Siason

7 Pork Meatballs In Sweet and Sour Sauce Recipe 


Drop by any Chinese restaurant, and you'll find that there is a dish there that is drenched in a sweet and sour sauce. Those dishes are delicious and it's great that it's easy to make a version of it at home, like these but using pork bola bola balls.  

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Turn to this easy meatball recipe on busy weekdays.


8 Bola- Bola Siopao Recipe 

No bola bola recipe list can be without the ultimate meatball bun! This steamed bun recipe is a classic and if you love Chinese steamed buns, this is the one that you should make to satisfy that craving.

These homemade cloud-like buns are oh-so good!

Ground meat recipes are really easy to cook and deliver flavorful dishes that pack a lot of flavor in every bite. Give these recipes a try and find out how delicious these bola bola recipes are. These meatballs are just the tip of what you can do when a little creativity happens in the kitchen.  


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You can make dishes with ground meat exciting again.

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Meatballs, burgers, and stir-fries are your best budget-friendly bets.

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