Boneless Chicken Is The Fast And Easy Ingredient You Need

It's a lifesaver on busy days!

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Any ingredient that is fast and easy to cook can easily become your go-to when you're rushing and hungry. That's why boneless chicken fillets are such a fantastic choice as a pantry staple. It's not just easy to cook, it can be made delicious and prepared in a number of ways that can tempt even the pickiest eater to take a bite. 

You can coat it in a batter and toss it in a spicy buffalo sauce or simply fry it and serve it with some ketchup. Whichever your way to serve it, boneless chicken is the versatile ingredient you should always have on hand.

Here are some recipes using boneless chicken fillets you can count on to make even the simplest chicken recipe delicious yet still easy to eat: 

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1 Homemade Chicken Nuggets Recipes


Chicken nuggets may be the most popular dish using boneless chicken. It's breaded and bite-sized, and can be dipped in any number of sauces. Even the breading can be changed to make it even more exciting to bite into. What's even better? You can make it at home so you know exactly what your chicken nuggets are made of: chicken. 

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This homemade chicken nuggets recipe definitely beats the store-bought variety. Don't forget the dipping sauce!

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2 Cheesy Chicken and Corn Bites Recipe


These aren't your normal chicken nuggets. These take a little more time to make but your efforts are well rewarded when you bite into one of these. It's made of chicken but the batter also hides its other ingredients: cheese and sweet corn kernels. 

These homemade chicken nuggets are cheesy and crunchy!

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3 Buffalo Fried Chicken Bites Recipe 


There are no bones in these buffalo-sauced chicken! If you love the spicy, tangy flavor that is so unique to buffalo wing sauce, you will love that these taste just like you want it to but without the hassle of eating around the wing bones (The blue cheese on top is a mandatory ingredient!). 

Upgrade your usual chicken wings to a boneless, spiced-up version that's ready in a cinch.

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4 Jalapeño Chicken Recipe


When you want it spicy but not tongue-numbingly so, jalapeños are the chilies to turn to. Cook slices of these hot peppers into a sauce and toss with chunks of breaded chicken. It's easy and simple enough to make every day or whenever the craving hits. 

Tender chicken chunks are spiced up with the heat from jalapeños.

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5 Parmesan Chicken Recipe


Chicken and spaghetti is a delicious combo. While rice may be the usual go-to carb, having fried chicken with pasta takes it from so-so to special. What's even better than this combo being so easy to make is that it's delicious and hearty, too.

Kids will love this chicken dish!

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Breaded chicken fillets are given an upgrade with a chunky tomato sauce and gooey cheese melted on top.

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6 Easy Chicken Relleno Recipe


When it comes to boneless chicken, the chicken relleno is the ultimate party dish. It's an impressive dish that's also satisfyingly delicious. What makes it impressive—a whole boneless chicken—is also what makes it intimidating to make. If you haven't attempted this dish because of the difficulty, then you need to see how we make it easier to make at home yet still incredibly tasty. 

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This is an ode to your mother's version, complete with raisins, chorizo, and cheese, but without the hard work.

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Have your chicken deboned by your vendor at the wet market. All you have to do is marinate, stuff, and roast!

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7 Chicken Popcorn Recipe 


When we say boneless chicken can be popped into your mouth, these are the bites that might have instantly come to mind. These, however, are tastier morsels that double as both a snack and a main dish. 

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This will be your new snacking obsession.

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8 Boneless Fried Chicken Recipe 

No chicken recipe list is complete without a classic fried chicken! What makes this dish incredibly delicious is the liberal use of salt and pepper. It's perfectly seasoned and the easy dressing that coats the salad is just as delicious, too. 


This chicken is for fuss-free cooking and eating!


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Good fried chicken is just a few crucial steps away.

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