Make Mornings Less Stressful: Make A Smoothie!

No matter how pressed for time you are in the morning, you CAN have breakfast.

You know what they say: if there’s a will, there’s a way. If you love breakfast but are trying to eat less calories or simply don’t have enough time in the morning, there’s a workaround for you to still get your tummy’s fill every morning: have a smoothie!

You don’t have to skip breakfast anymore!  Smoothie recipes are easy to make and quick to drink while being satisfying and nourishing at the same time. With just a blender and your favorite flavors, you’re all set to go with the push of a button. If you have a single-serving bullet blender, you won’t even have to transfer your drink!

So, if you’re curious how to make a smoothie recipe taste even better, these are our smoothie-making tips as well as delicious and filling smoothie recipes you can try, too:

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1 Add frozen overripe bananas.

Did you know that you can stock up on overripe bananas in your freezer? These bananas aren’t just perfect for baking, but they’re also miracle workers in smoothie recipes. Simply throw in an overripe banana in the freezer and it will stop ripening further. Its peel will take on a dark color in your freezer, but these now blackened bananas aren’t just edible, they’re amazing.


Adding these frozen bananas to your smoothie recipe will give a thicker, creamy, soft-serve ice cream consistency to your smoothie. You also get the benefit of consistently sweet bananas. You won’t even need sugar or honey to further sweeten your bevy.

Here are some banana smoothie recipes you can use:

Photo by Riell Santos

2 Add yogurt.

People have this misconception that healthy food is bland and unexciting. But being healthy can also mean creative ways to achieve creamy, sweet stuff that actually tastes incredible. Yogurt adds creaminess and sweet and tangy flavors to a smoothie recipe. You also get the benefits of probiotics which are fantastic for gut health.

3 Add sesame, sunflower, or chia seeds.

Seeds keep for a long time and you can even add them in your soup. It’s a handy ingredient to just keep in your pantry for extra vitamins and minerals.  Just add a spoonful or two to give a smoothie recipe another complex note of crunchy, earthy, nutty deliciousness. You can use sesame seeds, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seed nuts, chia seeds, or flaxseeds for added variety.


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4 Add cornflakes or oatmeal.

You might think that smoothies aren’t quite filling but you’re wrong. You can add cereal or even raw oatmeal which will give heft to your breakfast drink. While the oatmeal will add mellowness and help thicken the smoothie, cornflakes will give it a little crunch and a cereal-milk flavor. Yum!

Photo by Riell Santos

5 Add your fave fruit.

Fruit, also called “nature’s candy”, will add sweetness and texture to your smoothie. Whether it’s blended in or stirred in as chunks, sweet fruit is the heart of a good smoothie recipe.


If you want fresh fruit the whole week but don’t want to go grocery shopping daily, simply buy your fruits at different stages of ripeness. You can also prep, cut, and freeze them in advance to stop the ripening process. Another option is to use dried fruit which is shelf stable enough to use any time you feel like it.

6 Add flavorings.

There’s another easy way to flavor or enhance a smoothie recipe: use powders and extracts. Powdered milk will add creaminess, chocolate powder will turn anything child-friendly, and extracts will expand your world like no other. The possibilities are endless if you stock up on essences like pandan, banana, ube, mango, strawberry, langka, vanilla, or almond. 

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7 Add a different kind of milk.

If you love adding milk for creaminess to your smoothie recipe, you can easily play around with different kinds of milk for a quick transformation. There’s a variety of options available: soy milk, coconut milk, almond milk, banana milk, and more. Even people who are lactose intolerant can still enjoy a creamy smoothie, thanks to these options as well.

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

8 Add Vegetables

Don’t be scared of greens. You can add veggies without it completely taking over your drink. Add some chopped up cucumber for a cooling effect. Adding a little bit of carrot will add sweetness. Malunggay is perfect to put in since it gives little flavor but packs a nutrient punch. If you find you’ve gone overboard for your taste buds and can detect a slight bitterness, just add honey or yogurt to tone it down.

Smoothie recipes really take little to no time at all to make. Aside from making these smoothies in a pinch, they’re also quick to consume—which is pretty handy during the morning rush. Less time prepping and eating breakfast, after all, means a little more sleep you can squeeze in.



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