Upgrade Your Chicken Buffalo Wings With These Recipes

Can you make buffalo chicken wings better? These recipes say "Yes, you can!"

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The first plate of buffalo wings was served in 1964 in a bar in Buffalo, New York. The wings were covered in a special spicy sauce. It was served with a blue cheese dip and a side of carrot and celery sticks. The blue cheese dip wasn't necessarily for the vegetable sticks and you'll commonly see both the sticks and the wings being dunked in the dip.

How should buffalo wing sauce taste like anyway?  

The special spicy wing sauce is spicy for good reason: it's made with butter melted and simmered with hot sauce and ground red pepper or cayenne. The hot sauce is the main ingredient that delivers the first hit of heat while the cayenne leaves your tongue tingling. These wings are so delicious and addictive that there is a competitive-eating contest held in the state in honor of the wings.   

Are you hungry for these saucy chicken wings? Here are recipes to try:


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1 Buffalo Wings Recipe  

If the most basic and classic recipe for these chicken wings are what you're after, this simple recipe for cooking crispy chicken wings, lightly dredged in cornstarch for maximum crunch, is tossed in a 3-ingredient sauce. The freshly cooked chicken wings are tossed in melted butter and tossed in hot pepper sauce made spicer with ground cayenne pepper. 


If you want a little more flavor in your chicken wings, you can brine then dredge the wings in seasoned flour. Use dried herbs and spices to give it another level of delicious with every bite.    

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2 Italian-Style Chicken Wings Recipe 

For a quick and easy hack on buffalo wings that kids will fall in love with, this recipe gives you a great idea. Use prepared spaghetti sauce and dried spices to make the sauce super flavorful. The garlic gives the sauce a sharpness but not one that will make kids reach for the milk. 


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3 Asian Baked Buffalo Wing Recipe 

If an Asian invented the sauce for these chicken wings, this is the recipe that might have been used to coat the wings. Made with a super tasty mixture of hoisin, soy sauce, sweet chili sauce, sriracha, mirin, and honey with chopped ginger for that classic Asian taste. Don't forget the sesame seeds and green onions on top!       


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4 Boneless Buffalo Wing Recipe

This buffalo wing recipe is made with chicken breast strips so if you never liked eating around bones, this recipe is surely going to be the one that you need to make. There's no blue cheese drip to make with this recipe but instead, a faux blue cheese version is made. You get a fuss-free eating experience with chicken that's tossed in a delicious spicy hot sauce plus a cheese sauce that won't offend your sense of smell. 


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5 Boneless Buffalo Fried Chicken Bites Recipe   

If you want the blue cheese in all its glory served with your buffalo-sauced chicken, you can also make the buffalo chicken as desired and top the plate of chicken with little pinches of the special blue cheese. 

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6 Easy Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe  

Eating chicken wings isn't the only way to enjoy the buffalo sauce experience. You can also make it into a chicken sandwich and use other chicken parts to make the fried chicken patty. Boneless chicken thighs are coated in breadcrumbs and fried until crispy on the outside but still tender on the inside. This is tossed in a simple two-ingredient buffalo sauce then placed in a sliced half of a hamburger bun. It's topped with a tangy coleslaw that's flavored with crumbled blue cheese.   

What's your favorite way of cooking your buffalo wings? Do you leave the chicken as is or dredged and coated however lightly for guaranteed crispness before? Cook the chicken your way and try these buffalo wing sauce ideas for a meal that's perfectly suited to you. 


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