6 Yummy Buko Pandan Recipes to Try

Because green is the new black.


We all grew up loving buko pandan, a Filipino dessert salad made of young coconut fruit, pandan-flavored gelatin, cream, and milk.


This vibrant green-colored dessert is sweet and delicious and is a firm favorite at Christmas parties and is a treat that is undeniably Filipino. In honor of one of our most beloved Pinoy desserts, we’ve made a list of some of our favorite buko pandan recipes. Have a look:

Buko Pandan Cooler

If you’ve always wanted a way to drink Buko Pandan on a scorching hot day, then look no further!


Buko Pandan Jello

This recipe is a simplified version of the classic treat. We’ve turned it into a portable jelly, which makes it perfect for picnics!


Buko Pandan Cake

Step aside Red Velvet Cakes! This vivid, verdant and unbelievably fluffy cake is the new ruler of the colored cake world!


Buko Pandan Popsicles

It’s just like the original, except more fun and on a stick!


Corn Buko Pandan Jewels

Corn adds a nice sweetness and a bit of texture to this updated take on the traditional recipe.



Buko Pandan

We present to you, the original. There isn’t anything else quite like it.


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