Here's An Easy Guide on How to Make Great Callos at Home

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Traditional callos looks, smells, and tastes delicious in every way: it's a hearty stew with chunks of meat simmered slowly in a tomato-based sauce-pour large spoonfuls over hot, steaming rice, or dip crusty bread in the thick flavorful sauce-and you have yourself a hefty and delicious meal.  


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Making your own callos for the first time? A quick look at the ingredients could raise a few questions for the novice home cook. Callos is an ox tripe stew, mixed with chunks of Spanish chorizo, garbanzos, and a few veggies. Here are a few tips on where to buy ox tripe, as well as tips on how to handle it and cook it for the stew. 


1 Know which groceries to shop in. 


Since callos calls for both ox tripe and Spanish chorizo, opt for a grocery the has a deli section or a deli shop nearby to source your sausages. We found that SM Supermarkets have a consistent supply of ox tripe, and that you can have the butchers cut and measure the specific amount that you need for your stew. In SM Supermarkets, ox tripe costs around P197 per kilo. S&R Membership Shopping also holds pre-packaged packs of ox tripe, so the prices depend on which pack you decide to purchase. 



2 Rinse the ox tripe for slicing and cooking it. 


Remember: you're cooking stomach lining! Clean the tripe thoroughly by rubbing it well with rock salt, letting it sit for 15 minutes in a bowl. After letting the tripe sit, rinse it over running water. Watch out for any grit or impurities and if you do notice any, simply repeat the process. 


3 A pressure cooker is your best bet! 


Tripe needs time to become tender, otherwise, you'll end up with hard-to-chew bits and pieces of meat in your stew. Use a pressure cooker to cook tender tripe when you're pressed for time. You'll only need about an hour to make it tender. If you're cooking in a regular pot, the trick to tender tripe is by cooking it slowly over medium heat. 

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Jun 2, 2017

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