We Used Canned Corn For These Comforting Recipes

You don't need to get fancy for comfort food with canned corn.

Who doesn’t love corn? It’s sweet, mellow, crunchy, and juicy, and has that distinct flavor that connects us to childhood memories in an instant. So many recipes in our childhood make use of this delightful, accessible canned good. From mais con hielo to maja blanca, we bet you’ve got a good old memory tied up with sweet corn.

Sadly, it’s not corn season all year long and you’ll often find yourself buying fresh ears of corn that are dissatisfying. You know what’s dependable though? Canned corn! It’s good all year long because they’re harvested and canned at their peak. Plus, they’re already cooked which saves you a lot of your time. That means you can have a taste of these recipes any time of the year, whether or not corn is in season.

Why not stock up on canned sweet corn? There are so many ways to use them! Here are some of our favorite, comforting recipes we found that will make use of that handy canned corn.

Photo by Patrick Martires

1 Ginataang Mais Recipe

What a warm, comforting bowl this is! 


Imagine a cold rainy day and a warm bowl of this cupped in your palm, the steam rising from the bowl, and enveloping you in its cozy heat. Its soft, sweet corn kernels and the creamy, coconut milk all blends on your palate. This classic Filipino recipe is one you’ll keep on making throughout your life. You’ll hear it calling whenever it rains. Once you have it, you’ll start craving for this satisfying, filling bowl of comfort served with a side of sweet condensed milk.

Photo by Dakila Angeles

2 Chicken Chunks in Creamy Corn and Asparagus Recipe

For the days you’re more or less trapped home due to inclement weather, you have to depend on canned goods. Even without freshly-bought groceries, you can have protein and veggies with these canned goods in your pantry.  Using canned chicken chunks, canned corn, and canned asparagus, you can have this creamy dish that’s comforting and flavorful. All you need to do is heat them up and let them get to know each other.


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3 Corn Tempura Balls Recipe

You might be wondering, what’s a fried food doing in a comfort food list? Well, try making this and you’ll see. The juicy corn’s flavors and the crispy coating make it a snack that makes you happy, that cheers you up. It’s a midnight snack, a much-needed pick-me-up merienda, and the perfect sidekick to your Netflix time. Perfectly-fried food is always comforting in our book.

Need tips on getting crispy tempura that isn’t oily? Click here.

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

4 Corn and Tuna Pasta Recipe

This 15-minute quick and easy pasta recipe will placate you when hanger is knocking at your door. Also, because it’s made of canned ingredients such as tuna and corn, it’s easy to stock these in your pantry so you can make it anytime you feel you need it.


Photo by Tracy Monsod

5 Mais Con Yelo Popsicles Recipe

This mais con yelo recipe is one of the best summer treats ever. It’s not just icy cold and creamy, it’s also loaded with flavors that are reminiscent of one’s childhood summers. Plus, you can make this recipe in just 10 minutes! With a little time in the freezer, your small effort will yield big rewards.

6 Maja Blanca Recipe

This kakanin is creamy, slightly sweet, and dotted with delicious sweet corn and made even special thanks to delicious budbod. It’s a traditional dish that sure proves our ancestors knew what they were doing.

Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

7 Creamy Chicken and Corn Stew with Broccoli Recipe

This 30-minute chicken recipe loaded with corn and broccoli delivers such calming, warm flavors and such tender textures. Be sure to serve this with steamed rice!


8 Creamy Corn Soup Recipe

Everyone loves corn soup! Whether you like to slurp it or to pour it over rice, you’ll find it so easy to enjoy its creamy, corn flavor again, and again.

Photo by Toto Labrador

9 Potato, Bacon, and Corn Chowder Recipe

This chunky chowder has the creaminess of potatoes, the umami of bacon, and the earthy-sweet flavor of corn. Can you believe you can make this in just 25 minutes? Just 25 minutes, and you’ll get bite after bite of delicious chowder.

10 Mais Con Hielo Recipe

The crunchy ice, the creamy milk, and the tender and sweet corn all together make up one delicious merienda or dessert! If you’re having a bad day, this is sure to cheer you up.

Photo by Michael Chua

11 Mini Corn Muffins Recipe

Once upon a time, this was just a side dish you absolutely had to have at a restaurant, but now, you can make it at home! This way, you can guarantee that every corn muffin you’ll eat will be moist, flavorful, and fresh!

This chunky soup is chockful of shrimps and corn.
Photo by Patrick Martires

12 Shrimp, Corn, and Tomato Soup Recipe

Combine your love for shrimp and corn for this recipe! Shrimp is extremely quick to cook, so you’ll only spend 30 minutes making it. It’s perfect for that time when you need a comforting bowl of soup, and you just can’t wait.


We can’t get enough of corn, can you? It’s just so good! Do you have any other recipes you do with canned corn? Do you prefer whole corn kernels and creamed corn? They’re both useful and delicious!

Need more comfort food? Check these comfort food recipes from around Asia! 


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