Use That Can of Tuna in Your Pantry to Make These Super Quick Dishes

You can use canned tuna in pasta, sandwiches, and fried rice dishes.

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Stuck in a cooking rut? Sometimes, all you need is one simple ingredient or grocery buy to get you back in the game. Canned tuna is something that almost all home cooks regularly have in the pantry, and as simple as it is, canned tuna can be used to whip up creative and delicious meals and snacks at home. Here are some of our favorite recipes:


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Bottled Spanish sardines give loads of flavor to homemade dishes.


1 Creamed Tuna and Mushroom Pasta

This sauce comes together with a quick saute and simmer; you'll have dinner ready in a snap. 


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You can make this creamy and delicious pasta in a snap!


2 No-Cook Tuna Tacos

We're serious! This is a completely no-cook canned tuna recipe. 


These tacos used canned tuna flakes as filling!



3 Tuna and Scrambled Egg Sandwich

Canned tuna is the key to an easy-to-make, envy-worthy baon sandwich. 


Prepping baon is easy with this recipe!


4 Tuna and Tomato Rice

Tuna and tomatoes are a delicious pairing, transforming this into an all-in-one rice dish.


Do you have canned tuna stocked in your pantry, too?

5 Tuna Pie

You can make tuna pie at home with ingredients that are most likely already in your pantry! 



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No need to drive out or call for delivery, you can absolutely make tuna pies at home!


6 Tuna and Corn Hushpuppies

These hushpuppies make for the perfect merienda! Remember: Canned tuna is already salty on its own, so season lightly.


Green tea's refreshing notes go well with mild-flavored dishes like these fried poppers. Canned tuna is already salty on its own, so season lightly.



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We have tips on how to shop for fresh tuna in markets and in the grocery.

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These seafood dishes aren't just for Lent.


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