Easy 10-Minute Recipes That Use Canned Tuna, Sardines, Luncheon Meat, and More

All you need is a can, bottle, or jar from the supermarket.

Looking for a simple formula for tasty meals? All you really need is a can, bottle, or jar from the supermarket and a little creativity. We rounded up 5 super quick recipes that you can make with your eyes closed…and you only need 10 minutes! 


1 Corn and Tuna Pasta

This tuna pasta is easy and flavorful! Less cooking time means more time to bond with the family.



2 Sisig Tacos

Schedule Fil-Mex night with the fam and serve sisig tacos! Try other fillings like canned tuna and corned beef, too.



3 Sardines Rice Bowl

Take that bottle of Spanish sardines to the next level by stir-frying it with tomatoes and spices.




4 Spam and Kimchi Fried Rice

Little is as comforting as freshly made fried rice loaded with luncheon meat chunks and kimchi, all topped with a runny egg.



5 Vegetable and Bean Stew

This vegetable and bean stew makes use of canned goods and other pantry staples. It’s an easy-to-make but comforting dish!





*Recipes originally published in the July-August 2017 issue of Yummy magazine. Minor edits have been made by Yummy.ph editors. 

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