Everything You Can Do With Your Favorite “Cheddar Cheese”

This pantry staple cheese goes beyond boring sandwiches

There are many different kinds of cheese in the world, but there’s only one kind that holds a Filipino’s heart: processed “cheddar cheese.” Whatever brand you may particularly like, whether the ordinary cheese or quickmelt version, we’re sure that you have a gooey, cheesy memory from your childhood. Maybe you don’t even have to take a walk down memory lane since this kind of cheese is a pleasure to have everyday.

If you love this type of cheese, we’ve gathered recipes that highlight your favorite cheese, whether it’s baked or fried into something delicious. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

1 Cheese Cupcakes Recipe

This timeless cheese cupcake is a quintessential childhood fave. Tender, cheesy, and moist—it’s a lost cause to try to stop at just one. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

2 Stovetop Mac n’ Cheese Recipe

When we think of mac and cheese, we think of the store-bought variety that is still a guilty pleasure. There’s a way that’s just as quick and easy, but is cheesier and thus, better! Now, nothing’s going stop you from getting that cheese fix.

Photo by Toto Labrador

3 Fried Mac and Cheese Balls Recipe

Everybody loves baked mac and cheese that’s been toasted, so it has a crunchy crust and edges. When you coat them with a crunchy coating though, everyone gets to have the perfect bite that is both crunchy and gooey.

Photo by Karishma Etong

4 Cheese Sticks Recipe

This street food classic is simply irresistible. The thin crunchy wrapper gives way to hot, cheesy goodness. You know you can’t just have one, so make a batch and freeze to have it anytime the cheese craving hits. 

Photo by Riell Santos

5 Dynamite Cheese Sticks Recipe

If you like it spicy, why not try making the cheese stick’s spicy cousin? Feel free to take out the seeds from the green chilies to tame its fiery flavors.  

Photo by Ocs Alvarez

6 Homemade Cheese Pimiento Recipe 

Transform your basic cheese into something fancier. This is a perfect recipe to make during Christmas when you’re oversupplied with Queso de Bola. You’ll have an even more special spread to use with crackers.


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Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

7 Cheese Pimiento Squares Recipe

Don’t just stop at the dip! You can use your homemade cheese pimiento spread to make these sweet and savory cookies as well. It also makes a fantastic gift, too! 


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