These Are All The Chicken Drumstick Recipes You Will Ever Need

These won't cost you more than P23 per drumstick!

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There’s nothing quite like biting into a juicy chicken drumstick. Maybe it’s all the conditioning from our childhood cartoons that make it so appealing! Or, maybe it’s our own memories, knowing that chicken, rarely, lets you down. So hold onto your chicken bones and don’t be shy about making an extra big bite, because these recipes guarantee you can make as many as you want!



1 Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Drumsticks

Cost per drumstick: P20
If Chicken drumsticks are already indulgent, then this just goes the extra mile! Bacon gives your chicken that crisp and extra flavor to make your day better. 


Wrapping the chicken in bacon keeps the meat moist and gives it a smoky flavor.




2 Crispy Chicken Drumsticks
Cost per drumstick: P14
This recipe has just four ingredients. Nonetheless, it doesn’t skimp on flavor or crisp! If you’ve got picky-eaters, we assure you, that won’t be a problem with this recipe. We almost can’t believe how life can be so easy sometimes.

Feeding picky eaters? This will surely win them over! Make sure to keep bowlfuls of steaming rice on hand.



3 Paprika Chicken Drumsticks Recipe
Cost per drumstick: P10
Maybe you’re a little tired of your usual chicken recipe: paprika’s got your back! Give your chicken a flavor boost while saving up on your grocery budget. 

Add new flavors to your weekday chicken dish!




4 Fried Chicken Drumsticks Recipe
Cost per drumstick: P23
Who needs to eat at fast food chains when you can make them at home? Plus, for the price of one measly drumstick, you can have four at home! Makes you think, huh?

This fried chicken dish is paired with hot ketchup!



5 Spicy Fried Chicken Drumsticks Recipe
Cost per drumstick: P13
Is fast food chicken never spicy enough for you? Well, if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. Thankfully, it’s really easy and unbelievably cost-friendly!


Make your fried chicken extra spicy with cayenne pepper!




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