Cheese + Pimiento Is a Flavor Combo That Never Fails. Try These Recipes!

Use this flavor combo to complement burgers, sandwiches, and crackers.

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If there is one ingredient that complements the salty, creamy flavors of sharp cheddar cheese, it’s pimiento! If you’re whipping up one of these cheesy pimiento recipes any time soon, remember that you can easily pick up a can of sweet red peppers in any grocery. All you have to do is check the canned vegetables aisle.


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Here's an easy-to-make cheesy dip to try at home.


1 Homemade Cheese Pimiento Dip

This will definitely be a hit at any party!


Making your own cheese pimiento isn't as hard as you think.



2 Grilled Three-Cheese Pimiento Sandwich

Both kids and adults will love this for merienda!


Three kinds of cheese plus grilled crusty bread give this sandwich a distinct taste and texture.


3 Grilled Burgers with Cheese Pimiento

The subtle sweetness of cheese pimiento goes perfectly well with smoky grilled burgers,


Step up your burger game by adding cheese pimiento and mushrooms.


4 Chicken and Egg Pimiento Sandwich

Here’s an easy way to level up your regular egg sandwich!



The unique egg-pimiento spread on this can be your startup biz's signature "secret sauce."


5 Pimiento Con Queso (Cheese-stuffed Peppers)

Roast red peppers to get the smoky flavor, then throw on some cheese and honey for good measure.

The sweetness from the honey complements the saltiness of the cheese and smoky flavor of the roasted pepper



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Make it complete with pickles, cheese, cold cuts, and jams.

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Enjoy dinner with a side of stuffed bell peppers!

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