These Recipes Will Satisfy Your Cheesy Dreams

These are all the cheesy recipes you need.

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There are many people who love cheese. Recipes that have cheese are known to be gooey, milky, creamy, and downright delicious. The many types of cheese don't make it any easier to love it less. From the funky blue cheese to the stretchy mozzarella, cheese recipes make dishes irresistible to anyone who adores it.

If you're a big cheese fan, here are recipes we think you should try:

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1 Mozzarella Sticks Recipe 


There are misconceptions about these cheese sticks: it's hard to make and it's tricky, too. That's not so because there is a way to make sure that these cheese sticks are the most stretchy and crunchy sticks you've ever eaten. The trick? It's all about freezing or even just simply chilling the cheese before frying so it stays cold enough to handle the heat but thaws just enough to be melty as you bite into it. 

The trick to the perfect mozzarella stick? Freeze it overnight so it doesn't fall apart in the fryer.

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2 Pimiento-Herb Cheese Dip Recipe


If you're a muncher, then you know that snacks should always be accompanied by dips to make it more delicious and appetizing. You'll want to grab a good-for-sharing giant bag of corn chips with this recipe for a two-layer cheese dip. You get the flavors of an herb cheese on top and get the flavors of cheesy pimiento as you dig deeper into the jar.  

Add herbs to this classic sandwich spread and serve on melba toast for your next party!


3 Broccoli Cream Cheese Penne Recipe 

This recipe has two things going for it: cream cheese and pasta. You can decide to disregard the broccoli and swap it out for another vegetable you like better. You can even substitute the fancy prosciutto for bacon and still get the creamy goodness that is the cream cheese sauce this pasta is coated in. So, just to make it a little different, we think you should decide to make this recipe as is and find out how delicious cheese and broccoli can be together. 

This 5-ingredient dish is a cinch to make!

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4 Cheese and Pimiento Squares Recipe 


If you love cheese, there are many snacks available that cater to the cheese fan in you. However, if you're thinking of making something special your fellow cheese fans, think of these baked biscuits. These are savory, crunchy snacks that can replace other salty snacks and make excellent gifts, too. 

You can snack on these bites of cheese pimiento!

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5 Cheese Cupcakes Recipe 


Cheesecakes are not the only cheese desserts you can make! These delicious cupcakes are loaded with cheese! It's not only got grated cheese stirred into the batter itself, but it's also used as a topping for the cupcakes. This assures you that as it bakes, the cheese melts, browns, and tastes even more cheesy. You can even stir in ube halaya to make it into a two-toned delight! 

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This sweet and salty cupcake is a kid-approved Filipino snack!

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We mixed ube halaya into our tried-and-tested cheese cupcake recipe, and it's pretty delicious.

Keto pizza for the win.
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6 Keto Pizza Recipe 


Are you still on the keto diet? If you are, you know how cheese is a godsend. This keto pizza is a fantastic way to still have your formerly carb-loaded pizza and enjoy it on this diet. The pizza crust is made of two types of cheese which are baked until golden and crispy. This creates the ultimate crispy cheese edges. The keto broccoli rice recipe is just as cheesy and delicious, too! 

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This keto-friendly pizza is your thin-crust pizza craving come true.

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Healthy cauliflower gets cheesy, creamy, and incredibly delicious in this all-in-one dish.

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7 Cheese Tarts Recipe 


These sweet-crusted pastries filled with melty cream cheese are the perfect snack for cheese fans. While it's made with cream cheese, we think you can amp up the cheesiness of these tarts with different soft cheeses stirred into the mix.   

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Indulge in a batch of gooey, decadent, sweet and salty lava cheese tarts!

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8 Ham and Cheese Roll-ups Recipe 


How can you go wrong when you pair sweet ham and salty cheese together into one delicious bite? These rolled-up bites start with an easy crepe recipe. Then it's just a matter of layering the ham and cheese slices on each thin pancake and rolling it up. Slice as desired for delicious cheesy nuggets.  

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These are fun and easy to make!

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9 Potato Cheese Balls Recipe 


Here's another recipe that successfully and deliciously combines two favorite ingredients: potatoes and cheese! Here, mashed potatoes get a second life in the form of tender balls that are stuffed with cubes of cheese. When fried, these tender balls are the cheese balls you can easily pop! 

These potato croquettes are stuffed with cheese!

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10 Blue Cheese Stroganoff Recipe 


A beef stroganoff recipe is a simple beef dish in a creamy mushroom sauce. This is usually served on top of buttered noodles or rice. That in itself is delicious! Since it's a highly creamy sauce already, it's easy to update the flavor into one that is also cheesy. Here, blue cheese is added to the sauce to give it a flavor that's unlike the original recipe. Changing the cheese you melt into the cream can easily make it into the cheddar, Parmesan, or even the four-cheese sauce sensation you've been dreaming about. 

This beef stroganoff recipe adds blue cheese for extra flavor.

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11 Ham and Cheese Dumplings Recipe 


Chinese dishes are not known to be cheesy so this easy dumpling recipe stuffed with ham and cheese is definitely a fusion recipe. Dumplings are actually easy to make. The art of wrapping the wonton wrapper isn't necessary! Sure, you can practice and pleat each one in a fancy way but even the simple tucking in of the edges until the stuffing is encased will do! Try it with this ham and cheese filling for a cheesy, melty bomb with every bite. 

These crispy ham and cheese fried dumplings are pouches full of flavor.

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12 Cheesy Beef Empanada Recipe 


A savory beef empanada seems rather commonplace but it does become irresistible when you add cheese. Here's the trick: make your filling – it can be chicken, beef, pork, or even fish! – and then set it aside until completely cooled before stirring in large grated quickmelting cheese. The cool temperature of the filling will ensure that the cheese doesn't melt before its spooned onto the empanada dough and sealed shut. Deep frying these hot pockets will result in melty, beefy image you see above. 

Quickmelt cheese make these empanadas irresistible!

Can't get enough of cheese? Here are more cheesy recipes you should try: 

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Is there such a thing as too much cheese?

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