This Is What You Need To Make Your Chicken Dishes Better

Fried chicken is amazing but we know an ingredient that can make it taste even better.

We know how much people love fried chicken recipes! From the simple fried chicken to the complicated, breaded recipes that require you to marinate, bread, and even batter the chicken pieces, there’s a fried chicken recipe out there that has your name on it. 

There is however an ingredient that’s packed with umami that we think should be served with chicken whenever possible: mushrooms.

Mushrooms are a fantastic side dish to chicken. It’s a great addition to chicken recipes, from being simply stir-fried in some butter and garlic to serve as a side dish to an ingredient in a braised chicken stew recipe or creamy soups. 

That’s because mushrooms are earthy in flavor, are neutral enough to complement other ingredients, are incredible when fried and browned, and best of all, are extremely delicious when paired with chicken. It’s no wonder chicken recipes with mushrooms are family-favorite dishes! 

There are a number of ways to cook mushrooms with chicken, and each of these is so easy to do. Here are all the ways you can cook mushrooms so your chicken + mushroom recipes become irresistible:

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1 Stir fry with it. 

Stir frying mushrooms is as easy as frying! The trick to doing this right, however, is to make sure that your oil is hot, the mushrooms are as dry as possible, and to be ready with the rest of the ingredients of your stir fry so you don’t have to leave the stove unattended. While fried mushrooms are fantastic on its own, you should elevate your taste buds with more flavors, more seasonings, and allow the wonderful way that mushrooms and chicken absorb flavors to meld together nicely. Try it with any of these chicken and mushroom stir fry recipes: 

Photo by Riell Santos

2 Simmer it in a soup. 

Choose any number of cooking methods, and one of the easiest of these will always be boiling. Boiling chicken and mushrooms together account for many soupy or brothy recipes but one of the most flavorful ways of cooking these two ingredients together is in this recipe: hototay soup.

What makes this particularly delicious is the fact that it’s a simple recipe that lets the ingredients shine. While there are both chicken and pork pieces in this soup, there are also three kinds of mushrooms swimming in the broth: shiitake mushrooms, straw mushrooms, and wood ear or tengang daga mushrooms. All of these contribute to the chunkiness of this hearty, Chinese medicinal soup. The fresh egg stirred in the last minute of cooking meanwhile adds a sort of creaminess that is subtle yet tasty. 

Photo by Bianca Laxamana

3 Make it saucy. 

Mushrooms make fabulous sauces! Since mushrooms are so complementary to other ingredients, it’s a great addition to dishes, even if all you’re doing is drizzling or even pouring it right on top of the chicken on your plate. You can take its flavor a step up by simmering the chicken in the sauce so you not only have the fabulous flavors of the mushroom sauce, but you also have the browned bits from the chicken added to the mix, too. 


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Photo by Patrick Martires

4 Stew it. 

What makes chicken so appetizing as a stewing ingredient is that it’s hard to overcook (it will only become more tender with every minute it continues simmering in the stewing liquid). Meanwhile, the mushrooms are willing participants in the mix absorbing the flavors as it adds both heartiness to the stew as well as a boost in umami. It may not be the star of the dish but its presence is always appreciated by those who love flavorful mushrooms.  

Photo by Patrick Martires

5 Double the mushroom flavor. 

Do you love mushrooms so much that you sometimes wish there were even more mushrooms in your dish? If you are one of those people, then you have to love that this easy recipe perfectly combines not just whole pieces of mushrooms but also a cream of mushroom soup into the sauce! What makes this particular sauce better than other mushroom sauces is that while it’s got mushrooms in it, the flavor is further boosted with other complementary flavors, too. You’ll taste the sprig of fresh thyme, a squeeze of lemon juice, and the savoriness of garlic and onions in there, too. All these contribute to the overall plate of a simply grilled chicken leg with an awesome sauce served with it.  


6 Bake it in. 

You have to know that creamy mushroom soup is extra delicious when it’s been absorbed by other ingredients. It adds another level of flavor to it! Here, it’s used as the base sauce flavor enhanced with coconut milk and milk curry powder which the day-old rice will gently absorb. The chicken chunks, the tomatoes, and the mushrooms just add to the heft of this one-pan dish. 

Photo by Aldwin Aspillera

7 Add it all into a pasta dish. 

Chicken, pasta, and mushrooms have many, many incarnations, all of which are delicious. You can use any kind of pasta, with a creamy sauce, with chicken chunks and mushroom slices or halves in any number of ways! That’s why if you love pasta, you need to take some time to figure out what you want your pasta sauce should be because of all the possibilities of delicious recipes are just waiting for you to create. 

From an easy creamy spaghetti version to a frilly bowtie pasta with shredded chicken and fresh mushrooms, here are a few recipes we think you’d love:  

Chicken and mushrooms are easy ingredients to source from your local supermarket, and both are versatile ingredients that can be used for any number of dishes, either together or separate. 

What we do know is that whether you love your creamy chicken and mushroom recipes or not, any of these recipes are sure to satisfy your appetite. 


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