These Chicken Breast Recipes Make Delicious Dishes

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Fast and easy cooking is almost always about the ingredients. If you have ingredients that cook fast, you will find your dish usually cooks quickly, too. Ingredients cut small also speed up the cooking process so you can sit down and eat earlier.

However, how the ingredient is prepared can also be a factor in speedier cooking. Take the chicken. Chicken with bones needs to cook longer since the bones insulate the meat. While it's said to be tastier, even chicken breast fillet recipes can be super tasty! You really just need to cook it right to be delicious. 

The chicken breast fillets make delicious meals easy to make and cook. Here are recipes to prove that: 

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1 Pan-Fried Chicken on Cheesy Rice Recipe 

Chicken can be simply pan-fried and end up with something truly delicious. It's all about letting the chicken be flavorful just on its own. How? Salt and pepper are your universal flavor enhancers. You can skip the pepper, but salt is essential in drawing out the flavors of whatever it is that you are preparing to cook and eat. Here, the chicken breast fillet is pounded until thin, seasoned with salt and pepper, and simply cooked. The rice is where the flavors pop! Three kinds of cheese is stirred into and added on top of the rice to make a cheesy rice side dish that's delicious with the simple fried chicken. 

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2 Pan-Seared Chicken with Feta and Mint Recipe 

Did you try the baked feta trend? If you loved the feta cheese in that recipe, you'll love this version that adds Mediterranean flavors to the dish! This fried chicken breast recipe is again a simple chicken dish but becomes even more tasty and appetizing when it has a sauce and toppings. The sauce is made from tomatoes, olives, and onions in olive oil in the same pan and simmers with the chicken so you know it's cooked through. Delicious feta cheese is crumbled on top just to give it that salty bite you love. 

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3 Chicken ala King Recipe 

If creamy and chunky recipes are the kinds of dishes you love, this chicken recipe takes the top spot on that list! Chicken a la king is a classic chicken dish! At its essence, it's a stir-fried dish but what makes it so irresistible is the sauce. All-purpose cream enrobes everything added to the quick stir-fried chicken dish. 

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4 Easy Chicken Binagoongan Recipe 

Your every day Filipino dishes are commonly easy dishes to put together. For this intensely flavored ulam, bagoong is the main ingredient that flavors all the ingredients but it's the chunky chicken that makes it meaty, hearty, and filling. Prepare to ask for more rice when this is served! 

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5 Grilled Chicken Recipe in Yogurt and Spices

Yogurt is used as an ingredient to marinate the chicken the further you go towards the Middle East from Southeast Asia. It has enzymes that help tenderize meat such as chicken as well as add flavor! That's why you'll commonly see it in those countries' cuisines. You can add as little or as many spices as you like but it's highly suggested that the chicken be grilled to make it taste even better.      

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6 Easy Chicken Meatballs Recipe with Sweet Soy Sauce

Chicken breasts can be the start of a delicious snack. In this case, meatballs! These are easy to make because the chicken doesn't need to be ground up. Instead, a food processor does all the chopping you need to do to the chicken and other ingredients, including the vegetables. You just need to dump everything in the bowl, close, and give it a few blitzes. You end up with a super chunky sticky mix that you can easily drop into oil and cook. Serve it with the sauce that's similar to what you may love dipping into when eating fish balls. 



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