Everything You Need For Chicken Cordon Bleu

A rolled chicken fillet is stuffed with ham and cheese. This is the chicken meal every child will love.

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The chicken cordon bleu is a fantastic mishmash: there's the fried chicken, the sweet ham, and the creamy cheese in one dish. All this is combined into one piece of chicken that delivers a crunch from the Panko coating. If this dish is something you want to try to make, you're in luck. It's easier than it sounds and just as delicious as one you can in the frozen food section of your local supermarket.   



We know it's easy to say a recipe is easy, but check the list of ingredients you'll need for Chicken Cordon Bleu and we bet you have most, if not all, of the ingredients in your kitchen right now. 


The best reason to make this chicken dish is that it not only makes the stuffed and rolled chicken, it also makes sure that you have a delicious gravy to dip into or pour over each roll.  



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Chicken breast fillets

In this recipe, you'll need to fillet the chicken breasts, and you can easily get this done at your local supermarket Just ask for the freshest chicken or choose from the ones already filleted for you. The chicken skin, however, isn't used in this recipe, but you can season and fry along with the chicken rolls. You can sneak a bite of these crunchy pieces when the hunger pang hits before you're ready to eat.    



Sweet Ham

We used sweet ham because we know Pinoys has a sweet tooth. It's a great contrast from the salty chicken and the savory cheese that will ooze out when cut into. If desired, feel free to use cooked ham or your favorite brand and variety of ham to use in the cordon bleu.  


Cheddar Cheese

The cheese is what gives this dish the oozing, melting factor that's become the mainstay of many viral recipe videos. While we suggest a simple cheese for this recipe, swap it out for mozzarella, provolone, Emmental, or even edam or queso de bola cheese to give it a sharpness more common cheeses don't have.   


All-Purpose Flour 

The chicken by itself is not sticky enough to hold the breadcrumbs on its surface. The breading process starts with this essential ingredient. Since the flour is a powder, it can coat the meat (in this case, the chicken) to give the egg something dry to cling to. 




The sticky consistency of eggs is the perfect means to glue the breadcrumbs to the chicken. When beaten, it's thin enough to lightly coat the flour-covered chicken. You won't use up all the egg, so use the excess beaten egg to make scrambled eggs.   




Panko Breadcrumbs

You'll want to use Panko breadcrumbs for this recipe to create the signature shaggy yet crisp and crunchy outer coating. Unfortunately, there is no real substitute for the type of crunch this type of breadcrumbs delivers when fried to a crisp. This is different from the usual, normal breadcrumbs. While it can deliver a similar crunch, dry breadcrumbs don't create as much crunch as this Japanese style version does. Stock up on packages of these to give even the most mundane of fried food a decided crispness and crunch. 



Fried food can't be cooked without the aid of this heated liquid. In this case, it's not just used as the means to cook the chicken. You'll also need it to start the gravy which you can serve with the chicken rolls once ready to serve. 



Chicken Bouillon Cube

Chicken stock or broth is easily accessible and affordable in its more solid form. Just add hot water to dissolve completely then use as needed. This versatile cube also makes a fantastic and flavorful gravy that's simple to make and even easier to tweak to reflect the flavors you want in your favorite gravy. 


As long as you have chicken, ham, and slices of cheese, you can easily make this fancy dish into one which you can enjoy every day, for any meal of the day. 



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