5 Delicious Baon-Worthy Takes on the Chicken Sandwich

You can have chicken sandwiches every day of the week!

Everybody loves chicken, and for good reason. Widely available, affordable, and easy to cook, you can always depend on chicken to be a filling, delicious meal. Turn it into chicken sandwiches and you have something perfect for lunch as baon or as a meal while stuck in traffic. Tired of the same old chicken sandwich? Here are a couple of ways to jazz it up: 


1 Easy Buffalo Fried Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Sweet, tangy, crispy—everything that makes buffalo wings a classic favorite. No need to step out of the office to get your buffalo chicken fix.


This chicken sandwich is spicy and tangy! Pile on extra fried chicken for a good crunch.



2 Garlic Chicken Clubhouse Sandwich Recipe

So many flavors in this humble sandwich. Try this for merienda for a tasty take on the chicken sandwich. 


Pack this chicken sandwich for your next road trip!



3 Pulled Chicken Sandwich Recipe

It’s all about texture and the exciting barbeque flavors for this pulled chicken sandwich.


Make baon easy with this delicious pulled chicken sandwich recipe!



4 Grilled Cheese and Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Who doesn’t love cheese? Cheese makes everything better, including your chicken sandwich. 


This grilled cheese and chicken sandwich is the ultimate baon recipe!



5 Roasted Chicken Sandwich with Dried Mangoes Recipe

The interesting twist of dried mangoes will give your sandwich a depth of flavor you thought was only possible in restaurants.


Use leftover roasted chicken to make sandwiches for baon or merienda.





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Use a different chicken part for each day!

More from Yummy.ph
Some dishes cost under P20 per serving!


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