Transform This Chicken Recipe Into 5 Different Lunch Meals

One chicken recipe will make the rest of your week shine!

When meal planning, you usually start with a protein like chicken, beef, fish or pork and center your carbs, veggies, fruits around it. So nailing the protein down is really half the job! It also means that choosing your protein can make or break your meals. This rosemary and orange chicken guarantees a win for every single meal.

Rosemary and Orange Chicken

This delicious, herby and zesty chicken is so delicious that it’s a joy to eat the whole week. To store, let it cool down and partition into 5 freezer-friendly containers. Thaw a single portion every night to be cooked the next day. Here is the main recipe enough for 6 portions for a family of 4.

Roast chicken comes in handy when putting together your baon!


1 Chicken and Potato Hash

The potato hash is a wonderful, creamy canvas for the complex flavors of the chicken.

Use leftover chicken to make a breakfast hash with potatoes!

2 Chicken and Apple Salad

Apples and oranges together is a welcome fruity twist to lunch time.

This is an easy make-ahead salad you can whip up on a weekday.

3 Chicken Pesto Panini

Amp up the herbiness and bulk up with protein with this one.  Chicken and pesto together perfectly complements each other. It’s tasty and healthy!


Nothing beats a chicken-and-pesto combo! Bring out your panini press to make this easy sandwich recipe.

4 Chicken Pasta 

Cooking pasta makes life so easy!  The chicken filling ups the level into a pasta you’ve never had.

This easy pantry pasta recipe uses leftover chicken for a nutritious and filling meal.

5 Chicken Spring Rolls

This delicious, fresh spring roll will have you over the moon. Once you start making these, you’ll keep making them.


You can make these chicken spring rolls with leftover roast chicken.


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Look at your dinner with new eyes: you can make something new for tomorrow's lunch box.

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