Make Your Chicken Baon Exciting With These 5 Easy-To-Make Sauces

Eating chicken everyday has never been this exciting.

One easy and delicious way to prepare a week's worth of baon is to cook your meats on Sunday all in one go. Nobody likes eating the same thing the whole week though, so why not prepare different sauces to dress up chicken for each day? Sauces and dips are a quick way to change up every meal. Whether you grill, fry, roast, or boil your chicken, there’s a perfect sauce that’ll go with it.

This isn't your regular roast chicken recipe!

Make these fried chicken fingers with the kids!

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Monday: Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe


However you cook your chicken, this sauce will fit right in. There’s just no going wrong with a creamy mushroom sauce.

Use this easy mushroom cream sauce on fish, chicken, or potatoes!

Tuesday: Chimichurri Sauce

The acidity of vinegar brings to life the potent flavor of cilantro and cumin. It’s an absolute treat with fried chicken.

With bright flavors from the vinegar and cilantro, Argentina's traditional sauce for grilled beef also works well with fried chicken.

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The bright flavors make it perfect for grilled meats and roast or fried chicken.

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Wednesday: Easy Cheese Sauce


You won’t need to go to an expensive Korean restaurant just to satisfy that cheesy chicken craving. Make your own cheesy dip for fried chicken lollipops for a super satisfying baon.

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Once you learn how to make this easy and basic cheese sauce, you can make any thing cheesier.

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Dip perfectly-fried chicken chunks in gooey, melty cheese.

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Thursday: Peanut Sauce

Give your chicken a nutty, creamy twist with some peanut sauce. Chicken satay anyone? 


A thick peanut sauce that's best paired with grilled chicken, pork, beef, shrimps.

This chicken satay recipe uses fresh, flavorful turmeric.

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Friday: Cilantro-Lime Sauce Recipe

This exciting dip will make your chicken come alive. With the heat of jalapeño peppers and the tanginess of lime, your lunch will certainly perk you–and your taste buds–up.

Could there not be a more perfect sauce for adding tangy flavors to your roast meats?

Packing lunch has never been this easy and delicious at the same time. So, stop wasting your money by eating out, because you can certainly pack a delicious lunch with these recipes! 



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Learn how to lock in flavor in tender juicy chicken meat!

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You can make a healthy + flavorful lunch!

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