Mistakes You're Making When Cooking Chicken Sopas

Make the best tasting sopas in your life.

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Chicken soup is said to be the dish that soothes the soul. It's a heartwarming dish in many ways! Sure, it's a delicious meal to make, especially when you're feeling less than your best.

The usual chicken sopas recipe is usually loaded with chicken chunks or shredded chicken pieces in the soup, but this is made heartier by the generous amounts of macaroni pasta, the carrot bits, and sometimes, a secret ingredient or two that makes it the soup that you yearn to have when you miss home.

Any way you make it, the chicken sopas soothes your body and soul. Make sure you make it the best-tasting sopas you've ever made by not making any of these cooking mistakes. 

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1 You don't save chicken scraps when cooking other dishes. 

When it comes to chicken sopas, it's not the number of chicken chunks in it that's important although it is definitely better when there is a good amount of meat in your soup. What you probably unconsciously do is disregard the bits and pieces of chicken bones and bits and throw these away. These are commonly the neck, the back, the wingtips, and even the bones when you make chicken fillets.

You need to save these chicken pieces! Not only should you save these for sopas, you should be doing this regularly because these contain small bits of chicken meat that are incredibly tasty. If you're consciously trying to be less wasteful in your life, this meal saving tip will create new avenues for flavor in your dishes. 

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What you should do with these bits is simmer in water or roast or even fry these pieces until browned. Simmering creates an instant chicken stock that you can use for your sopas. Roasting or frying browns these pieces and as you should know, browned bits are equal to incredible flavor. You can't make a more flavorful sopas than if you started using these two methods. 

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2 You rely solely on bouillon cubes and granules. 

Sure, these cubes and grains are the equivalent of a liter of chicken stock each, but did you know it's easy to make your own? You are probably making your own chicken broth already, and you don't know it! Every time you simmer chicken in water, you're effectively creating your own chicken broth. (Stock is different from a broth. Bones are used to make stocks while broths use meat.) 


Making your own broth or stock can be done with leftover chicken pieces that usually throw away. If you don't save those leftover chicken pieces as we said you should, that's okay. You can still make your own chicken broth to use in sopas! Just make sure that whatever chicken you do use for your sopas is still raw. While it's easy to use precooked chicken for sopas, cooking the chicken in the broth that you'll use as the base soup of your sopas is the first step in making it more flavorful. 

If you find that you don't have enough chicken to make a flavorful broth, feel free to bolster the flavor with your trusty cubes and granules. It is, after all, still a convenient and tasty substitute.


Practice your knife skills using a carrot.
Photo by Riell Santos

3 You don't add other ingredients. 

Who said that sopas only has carrots in it? One of the best reasons to cook at home is that you can tweak the recipe as you like. If you feel like you need your chicken sopas to be even heartier than it already is, why not add in other ingredients in there? Make your version extra meaty with more chicken chunks or even Vienna sausage. Wilt shredded cabbage in the hot soup before serving. Make it supercharged with nutrients by adding broccoli and cauliflower florets. Add sweetness with sweet corn kernels. 

Photo by Patrick Martires

4 You only use macaroni. 

Did you know there are about 350 different kinds of pasta shapes available? We bet you didn't but even so, why would you limit yourself to only macaroni when there are so many other pasta shapes you can use? Why not use fusili or bow ties in your next chicken sopas? Mimic rice by using risoni pasta or even couscous instead? Wander the pasta aisle of your supermarket the next time you drop by for food supplies and you may be amazed that there are other options that you didn't think of using before. 

Be the master of your chicken sopas recipe, and let your taste buds be your guide. There are many possibilities to discover when you let yourself be creative, especially in the kitchen. Your meals will be the better for it so why not experiment with your favorite ingredients to make your sopas recipe the best there is. 



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