All The Easy Christmas Recipes That Every Home Cook Can Learn and Master Now

These Christmas recipes are easy. Trust us!

Cooking Christmas dinners can be daunting—imagine all the relatives you need to feed! But here’s the thing: holiday dinners don’t need to be difficult or overwhelming. You can throw together a few simple dishes (some can even be prepped days ahead).


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Here are a few super simple recipes that you can learn and master by the time Christmas rolls around. Any home cook can make these!


1 Creamy Macaroni Salad

Instead of mayonnaise, try using cream cheese to make your macaroni salad extra flavorful and indulgent.


Need an easy macaroni salad recipe? This macaroni salad is extra creamy!


2 Fried Lumpia

Did you know that you can use leftover adobo to fill lumpia? You can keep these rolls wrapped and frozen for weeks before you need to fry them, too.


Make sure nothing goes to waste in your kitchen! Take leftover adobo, match it with vegetables in your pantry, and roll up the goodness into crispy lumpia.


3 Sweet-Style Spaghetti

Who doesn’t love Pinoy-style sweet spaghetti? Add ground meat to make it chunky, or a few handfuls of chopped hotdogs.


This is the spaghetti of your childhood, made slightly healthier with a few tweaks.


4 Glazed Roast Ham

Seriously—this has to be one of the easiest recipes to make! All you have to do is brush a delicious glaze over ham, and then let the oven do the work for you.


Glaze store-bought ham to make an impressive centerpiece for your celebrations.


5 Crema de Fruta

Did you know that there’s a hack to making crema de fruta in minutes? Instead of making the cake from scratch, use ladyfingers or broas instead.


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You can make this Filipino dessert in a matter of minutes.



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Shopping for and cooking Noche Buena doesn't need to be expensive.

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You can serve these dishes on Noche Buena or Christmas day!

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