Bicol’s Best: Discover Bicol in Your Own Kitchen

Go beyond laing and Bicol express, and uncover the delicious delicacies of this beautiful region.

Whether you're from Bicol or not, you're most likely already a fan of Bicolano cuisine. Rich with gata (coconut cream) and spiced up with labuyo (bird chili), it's a balancing act they've pulled off in most of their dishes. Even better is that these two staples are incredibly healthy! Coconut is a well-known, widely-available super food while chili, like most peppers, help boost your metabolism. Don't just stick with the popular Laing and Bicol express though, there are more exciting recipes you've yet to try. Don't miss out on the rest of these delicious delicacies you can easily make at home!




1 Fish Cocido

We bet you haven't had fish stew this way before! Coconut, cinnamon, green chilis and a dash of calamansi come togethere for a delicious medley of flavors.


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2 Nilupak with Pili

Bicol is known for their delicious, buttery pili nuts. This tender treat made of cassava, coconut and condensed milk, is the perfect sweet merienda that highlights the delicate nut.






3 Pancit Bato

Bicol's got its own delicious spin to pancit canton that you absolutely must try. Its meaty, garlicky, distinct flavor comes from the egg noodles and local longganisa.


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Feb 1, 2017





4 Tinutungan na Manok

If you love adobo and you love coconut cream-then this might be your new favorite dish, ever. Bicol's revved up the classic Adobo sa Gata into a spicy concoction you'll want to make over and over again.


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You can count on these Bicolano dishes to really hit your craving for creamy coconut and spicy chili! This recipe list also opened up to new possibilities in the kitchen using mostly the usual ingredients you use. Do you want more of Bicol and their famous cuisine? Well, good news! Those recipes are just the basics! For more Bicolano recipes, be sure to check out the links below.




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Nov 28, 2017

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