Did You Know That You Can Cook Rice in Just 12 Minutes?

The fastest, easiest way to cook rice will make your life a hundred times better.

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Have you ever cooked a warm hot dish then realized you'd forgotten to cook rice? We discovered a better, no-fail way to cook rice.


At the recent launch of the Whirlpool Kitchen Club, we learned about a smart kitchen hack you can use every day: cook rice using your microwave oven! Here's how to do it: 


1 Get a microwavable container with a lid. Add in your rice-make sure you only put a third of the size of your container.


2 Add water (until you get a little more than the same amount of rice). Put the lid on but leave a little opening for steam to escape.


3 Microwave on high heat for around 12 minutes. Make sure to check by the doneness of the rice by the 10th minute. Once you pin down how many minutes it takes to cook, you'll never fail again!


4 Serve perfectly fluffy, evenly cooked rice.





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