FROM OUR READERS: Cooking Tips From Our Moms

Because Mothers know best!

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Did you grow up with a mother who loved cooking or learned how to appreciate food from your Mom? We asked our readers and Facebook friends on cooking advice they remember most from their own mothers (you might pick up a new kitchen tip, too!):


Always rub the chicken with salt to remove the slimy layer in between the skin and the meat before cooking. It makes the chicken tender and tastier, too. – Georgia Enriquez


Don't forget to taste everything! – Jenny Villona


Never stir vinegar when you add it mid-cooking. Let it simmer or boil first. – Patty Uy


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Mom's food is, undoubtedly, always made with love.


Let garlic, onions, and tomatoes caramelize when you saute your sofrito (Spanish sauce made of herbs and vegetables). – Incha Manuel


When cooking crispy pata or lechon kawali: While frying, pour (or sprinkle) a little water on the meat for crispier skin. – Jobelle Reyes


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Who doesn't love this Filipino dish?


"Don't leave the stove unattended!" – Farrah Ess


Clean the kitchen before and after cooking. – Indhu Elango 


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We have a few suggestions!

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Seasoning steak, cleaning greens, and other kitchen tips to help you cook like a pro.

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