Beer Was Made for More Than Drinking—Have You Tried Making Super Crispy Batters with It?



Did you know that beer can be used in the kitchen? Beer’s flavors can be used to upgrade anything from stews and soups to deep-fried dishes.


Here’s our easy primer on cooking with beer at home. If you’re avoiding alcohol, don’t worry. Almost all of the alcohol from the beer evaporates as your food cooks, so the amount is actually negligible. What you are left with are the earthy flavors of your favorite brew. If you aren't avoiding alcohol...well, cheers to that! Let’s cook!




1 Beer helps make light batters.


Beer batters exist for a reason: the carbon dioxide present in beer helps lift the batter into a light one, and the alcohol allows the batter to cook quickly. Say goodbye to overcooked squid rings and fish fillets! Remember that it's important to make your batters using cold beer and that you need to work quickly in coating and frying. 


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Crack open a cold bottle and pour it into your deep-fry batter!



2 Beer complements the sweet flavor of shrimp. 


Bring out the best in your fresh catch! Beer can help bring out the naturally sweet flavor of shrimp, and beer-boiling is one of the fastest ways to put a delicious dish on the table quickly. 


Did you know that beer brings out shrimp's natural flavors?




3 Use beer to make rich soups and stews. 


Use dark or malty beers to flavor soups and stews that spend lots of time simmering on your stove top. After searing or browning your meat, deglaze with beer then simmer until your dish boils down into rich, deep, spoonfuls of flavor. 


This stew is made up of tender beef and rich, flavorful sauce. Make sure to get a big pot of steamed rice ready!

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Braising is a good cook's secret weapon.



4 Say cheese! Spike your favorite dip with beer. 


Have you ever heard of a more perfect duo? Beer and cheese is a classic food pairing that is well-loved in bars and pubs around the world. Try making your basic cheese dip with a hint of beer, and enjoy the fun flavors that results from the combination! 


This cheese fondue recipe has a special ingredient: beer!




5 Make meat-tenderizing marinades with beer. 


Beer contains enzymes that help break down fibers of meat—perfect for marinades that flavor and tenderize at the same time! Remember to use lighter beers and lagers instead of strong, bitter pale ales so that the flavors of the beer do not overpower the flavors of the meat.


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This solar-powered microbrewery is out to change the way we drink our beer.

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Here's everything you need to know about marinades.



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Because food and beer are best friends.

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These local breweries are making exciting ales and ciders!

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