10 Saucy Chicken Recipes To Cook Over and Over Again

We just can't get enough.

Chicken recipes, in general, are well-loved but when you add sauce, you might get obsessed. You won’t be able to stop yourself from making these recipes again and again and we can't blame you. These saucy chicken recipes are just too good!

An orange sauce is a great complement to simply fried chicken.
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1 Orange Chicken Recipe


This recipe swept America off its feet for a reason: it’s insanely addictive! The sweet, tangy sauce is the perfect combo to crunchy and tender chicken.

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Who'd have thought that the sweetness of the oranges is the perfect flavor for fried chicken?

This chicken dish has a tangy and sweet sauce you will love.

The black hue of this curry is from the burnt coconut.
Photo by Mark Jesalva

2 Chicken Pyanggang (Chicken in Blackened Coconut Curry) Recipe


Use gata to give a nuanced, flavorful creaminess to your chicken curry. Even better, using coconut cream will additionally tenderize your chicken.

This chicken is is marinated in a curry paste made from blackened coconut.

Photo by Toto Labrador

3 Baked Chicken with Ginger-Scallion Sauce Recipe

Ginger and soy sauce bring to life this delicious, baked chicken recipe. Also, there’s nothing quite like the texture of baked chicken.


Serve this baked chicken dish with a flavorful sauce!

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4 Buffalo Fried Chicken Recipe

You get all the goodness of a saucy, spicy buffalo chicken wing but without the hassle. These deboned chicken bites are the perfect crowd-pleasing appetizers.

Upgrade your usual chicken wings to a boneless, spiced-up version that's ready in a cinch.

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5 Fried Chicken with Sweet and Spicy Glaze


Fried chicken might be good on its own, but the irresistibly sweet and spicy glaze is a component that sends fried chicken to a whole new level of delight.

A simple glaze can transform your fried chicken.

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6 Chicken Asado Recipe

Don’t expect any leftovers for this delicious chicken recipe because it has a sweet and tangy sauce everyone will love. 


Chicken asado is simple: let chicken simmer is a simple sweet and tangy sauce, then serve with lots of rice.

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Tomatoes and a bit of brown sugar gives this asado a tangy, sweet flavor.

Make your favorite Pinoy chicken asado recipe, Kapampangan-style!

Photo by Michael Angelo Chua

7 Korean Fried Chicken Recipe

Korean fried chicken is so well-known for its super crunchy bite and sinful coats of sauce. Brimming with flavor, it’s the perfect combo to cups and cups of hot, steaming rice.

We made the fast-food favorite, sweet Korean fried chicken, even better!

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8 Chicken a la King Recipe


This classic chicken recipe is always a winner. This cream-coated chicken always makes for a satisfying meal.

Pair this creamy chicken dish with rice, pasta, or bread.

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This creamy chicken dish may be paired with rice, pasta, or bread!

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9 Chicken with Tausi Sauce Recipe

You need to be cooking with tausi or black beans! Chinese recipes are fond of using tausi for good reason: it packs in umami, saltiness, and texture.


This simple chicken recipe highlights how salted black beans can bring out the flavor of simple dishes.

Photo by Keith Sigua

10 Easy Chicken Curry

The delicious, flavorful, rich and thick sauce elevates every component of this dish. The tender chicken, the sweet carrots, the creamy potatoes absorb all the scrumptious spices for a truly mouth-watering dish.

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Tasty and aromatic, this chicken curry is the fast and easy version of the classic Indian meal.


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We rounded up our best recipes of all the crunchy, juicy, deep-fried goodness of fried chicken!

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Follow these helpful tips to make a batch of really good and crispy fried chicken at home!

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