The Creamiest + Cheesiest Pasta Recipes You'll Ever Need

Get your cheese-fix!

What’s more addicting than a good pasta dish swimming in creamy, cheesy goodness? Nothing. These recipes are so good, we highly recommend eating it with lots of friends and family who will stop you from eating the whole thing!

Timbal is a heritage recipe that uses the one-pot method of making a pasta dish.
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1 Timbal Recipe

Passed down from a grandmother, this chicken and cheese recipe is probably older than you! It was impressively delicious then, and it’s still as impressively delicious now.

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It's a pasta dish that reminds me of my lola.

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2 Creamy Spinach Pasta Recipe


If cream and cheese make you feel guilty, then assuage that guilt with some veggies pureed right into the sauce. 

This pasta is loaded with leafy greens!

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34 Mexican Pasta Bake

This incredibly meaty and cheese dish will have everybody reaching for seconds.

This marriage between Mexican and Italian flavors is a match made in heaven. Noodles are tossed in a tasty, Mexican-inspired meat sauce and covered with a blanket of cheese.

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4 Chorizo Mac and Cheese Recipe


The paprika in chorizo gives this mac and cheese that distinct, meaty, umami flavor that amps up the whole dish. It's not your ordinary mac and cheese!

Our take on mac and cheese uses two kinds of cheese, and chorizo and pimiento to spice things up.

5 Holiday Mac and Cheese

There’s just nothing like the classic flavors of your childhood. This has all the familiar flavors you love!

Leftover ham need not be a problem. Together with leftover queso de bola, you can turn it into a rich macaroni casserole.


6 Stovetop Mac and Three-Cheese Recipe

We have to admit, using the oven for pasta to cook can be an additional step you can skip. You can still quench that mac and cheese craving by just using your stovetop with this easy recipe. 

This make-ahead classic can be your go-to dish for those sudden cheesy cravings.

Though these recipes will no doubt shine at special occasions as a sure crowd-pleaser, who needs an excuse to make it ASAP? It’s always a good time for a great pasta dish.

Which one of these recipes are you going to try first?


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There's more to it than just mixing pasta, cheese, and cream.

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