How to Keep Glazed Fried Chicken Super Crispy

Yes, you can have crispy fried chicken skin under that glaze.

IMAGE Zoe del Rosario

It's a sad fact that anything soggy-especially fried chicken-is filed under bad meals. Nobody likes anything that's limp, wet, and basically, inedible. It's not only unappetizing, but it's also bad cooking. 

But there is a way to help avoid it with a simple addition to the coating. This is an especially great tip if you're making fried chicken.


That secret ingredient is tempura flour

Tempura is known for its light and crispy texture that absorbs the sweet tempura sauce without becoming completely soggy with a few dunks! That's the key to making a fried chicken coating that will be able to withstand a dunk in a wet glaze. 

Here's what you do to make that crispy skin:

For every 1 cup all-purpose flour for the fried chicken coating, remove 1/4 cup and substitute it with 1/4 cup tempura flour

Now that you know how to make a crispy coating that you can use for fried chicken, try it with any recipe that requires a crisp flour coating that's glaze or doused with gravy like these:




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