This Is How To Make The Crispiest Potato Wedges

Cooking crispy potatoes isn't hard. In fact, you can get perfectly great results with any of the frozen potato products in the supermarket. The best part? You can make crispy potatoes if you know any of these two methods: the double fry and the parboil

Double frying is the staple of perfect fries. Whether home fries or steak fries or as wedges or matchsticks, the best ones are always the crisp ones. This is achieved usually by cooking the potatoes once over low heat until it's cooked through and then it's recooked at a higher heat for that extra crisp exterior but a still soft center. 

This same method is used for cooking simple Korean and Japanese chicken recipes that are fried without any batter or coating. You get crispy chicken skin which can be dunked or tossed into your preferred sauce immediately before serving. 

You can employ the same method for crispy wedges. Here's what to do:


Add enough oil to come up to half way up your pan, usually around an inch up. Heat the oil until it reaches around 300 to 325 degrees F (150 to 160 degrees C). Add freshly sliced potatoes in a single layer and fry until softened but not golden brown. Remove the potatoes from heat and set aside. (If desired, freeze these potatoes at this stage for cooking on another day.)

Increase the heat to around 350 to 375 degrees F (175 to 190 degrees C) and let the oil come to that temperature before returning the cooked potatoes back into the oil. The potatoes will cook quickly so be mindful. The potatoes will turn a beautiful golden brown and will crisp up. When it does, take each one out of the oil. Serve immediately so each piece remains crispy.

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Boiling potatoes before frying them is one way you can cook crispy potatoes on the stovetop.
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Parboiling is the cooking method of boiling the potatoes. Just like double frying, your intention isn't to cook the potatoes by boiling it. Parboil means half boiled so you just want to cook the potatoes in boiling water for a few minutes (five minutes in boiling water is enough) before removing and draining from the water. Let the now steaming hot potatoes dry undisturbed for a few minutes. The natural evaporation of the water is from its time in the boiling water. 

Now that the potatoes are half cooked from boiling, toss it with some oil in a pan and let it cook until crispy on all sides. It will take less time to cook it through but once it's golden brown and crispy on all sides, it's good to take off the heat and enjoy with your favorite condiments. 

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