This Week's Delicious Must-Try: A Crunchy Chicken With An Easy, Savory Sauce

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Fried chicken fillet meals are one of the best meals you can have. In fact, anyone will swear it's their favorite meal since it's essentially boneless fried chicken. All that means is that it was just made easier, better to eat than your usual fried chicken! No bones! 

How can that not be a good thing, right? 

It's a good thing, too, that we have ideas on how to make that simple fried chicken recipe even better. All it takes is a little tweaking here and there for it to become one of the most flavorful, the most satisfying meals you have ever tasted. 

However, it may mean a little more time and effort will be needed. Don't worry. We're sure you'll want to still do it anyway. What will get you on board with exerting this extra time and effort is that you can make a big batch on a day you find you have more time than you thought you had and refrigerate or freeze it for another day, for another meal. It may even become a little therapeutic since it's a repetitive action: dredging, dipping, coating, and again. 


Have you guessed it? That's right! It's a crunchy, breaded chicken fillet

What makes this recipe so versatile and so easy is that you can bread it now and freeze it for later. Then it's just a matter of frying these fillets and serving it with something that's deeply flavorful. 

For chicken fillet recipe ideas, we think this basic Parmesan Chicken Recipe should do just nicely as well as this upgraded version on a bed of an easy marinara sauce.

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To make it that much more satisfying, you need a savory, delicious sauce to pair with it. By sauce, we don't mean a dip! We mean a sauce that you can scoop out of the pot or bowl, and let the breading of the chicken and even the rice soak it all up for extra decadent bites of pure satisfaction. That's saucy chicken and rice right there!

For sauce recipe ideas, here are the recipes that will pair nicely with a crispy chicken breast fillet. 

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1 Japanese Curry Sauce 

There's no recipe needed for this intensely flavored sauce! What you need to do is find this Japanese curry paste blocks from your local supermarket and make it. Since it's a condensed paste and pretty much premade, you just need to follow instructions on how to make it and then pour it over your crispy chicken fillet. 

This creamy sauce is made better with mushrooms.
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2 Mushroom Cream Sauce Recipe 

Know anyone who doesn't like cream of mushroom? This silky, creamy mushroom-y sauce will make most dishes better. It's such a luscious sauce, you may want to pour this over everything you ever fry. 

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3 Marinara Sauce Recipe 

There's nothing quite like a classic sauce to pair with your favorite fried chicken meal. With this sauce, you are not even limited to rice. Toss this with pasta and serve it topped with the crispy chicken fillet and even more sauce on the side just in case you want more. 


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4 Alfredo Sauce Recipe 

The cheesiest of the creamiest sauces may be the Alfredo sauce. This creamy sauce is bolstered with Parmesan melted right into the sauce. It's a cheesy sauce that lets the creaminess of the sauce be the star.  


5 Chimichurri Sauce Recipe 

Meet the chimichurri sauce: a tangy yet herby sauce that is fantastic slathered on any numerous baked, grilled, and sometimes fried meats. It may sound intimidating but it's an irresistible and delicious sauce once you taste it. 

Which of these delicious sauces are you thinking of pairing with your crunchy fried chicken fillets? We think a great idea is to try each one for every day of the work week just to find out which one is your favorite... and then do it all over again the next week. 



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