Our Favorite Deep Fried Guilty Pleasures

We can't live without these indulgent recipes.

Deep-fried dishes—they might not be the healthiest dishes on the block, but who can live without them? And no one should judge you from indulging every now and then, right? Crunchy, tender, juicy, flavorful –these are the hallmarks of perfectly fried goods that make saying “no” to them nearly impossible.

Here’s a list of all our deep-fried dishes we can’t seem to escape:

This fried chicken recipe is buttered and served with a butter gravy, too.
Photo by Bianca Laxamana

Fried Chicken Recipes

Whether you’re making at home or eating out, that thick, crunchy flavorful skin is everyone’s favorite. Plus, the perfectly fried chicken also has perfectly tender, juicy chicken meat. If you just want the chicken skin, though, we’ve got a recipe for that, too!

Photo by Lyvette Tiamzon Tongol

Chicharon Recipes

There are tons of different kinds of chicharon. From the typical, airy ones that go great with a bowl of munggo, to crunchy juicy chicharon bulaklak that goes so well with vinegar—there are so many different types and all of them are so good.

Photo by Majoy Siason

3 Doughnut Recipes

Doughnuts get their perfect shape and that perfect puff thanks to a vat of hot, hot oil. It sure is worth all that oil once you bite into that perfectly soft doughnut with your favorite flavored toppings or even just plain sugar!

Photo by Patrick Martires

French Fries Recipes

What’s so great and addicting about French fries? Where do we start?


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French fries have a way of bringing people together as the sheer amount of a serving is always good for sharing. Crunchy at first bite just like a good potato chip, it transforms into creamy, hot, mashed potatoes. 

Photo by Fionalene Tan

5 Kwek Kwek + Other Street Food

All calling out at you from roadsides and supermarket food kiosks are deep-fried street food crackling in hot oil, getting crisp, getting tender, and wafting off their mouth-watering, nostalgic smells. The bright orange, crunchy, and tender kwek-kwek, crispy fishballs and squid balls, and chewy, and sweet carioca balls—we pass by them every day, and each day, they get harder to resist. We just have to have our fill!

The only way, we feel, to get as much as we want is to make them ourselves!

These crispy and crunchy squid rings are spiced up!
Photo by Patrick Martires

Calamares Recipes

Tender delicious squid is delicious on its own. That’s why it shines better the simpler it’s cooked. Either eaten as pulutan, appetizer, or as a meal, it never fails to satisfy.


There’s no end to delicious deep-fried goodness, especially with a cold soda. If you’re concerned about the oil, one way to make sure your good isn’t absorbing too much of it is making sure your oil is hot enough. Click here to know how to make sure your oil is hot enough.


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