7 Simple Fish Dishes That Impress

You don't need to make anything fancy to make these delicious fish recipes for a party.

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Fish recipes are some of the easiest to cook! Fish cooks fast and easily when placed into any kind of heat so when you're looking for something that's simple yet delicious, fish recipes can be your go-to dish.

However, some fish are not impressive to serve for parties and other big gatherings but we think that's not true! The trick with fish is that it needs to be flavorful and appetizing to the eye even if it's made and cooked simply.

To impress your guests with fish dishes that are both easy to make and fancy enough to serve to other people, here are 7 fish recipe ideas we think should be on your list of party favorite dishes: 

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1 Easy Sweet and Sour Fish Recipe 

You can't go wrong with a dish that can mimic the flavors that you might have tasted when you last ate at a restaurant! This easy yet super tasty sweet and sour fish fillet recipe is so flavorful and delicious, you can taste that it's not your ordinary sweet and sour recipe. 

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Photo by Majoy Siason
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2 Crispy Whole Fish with Thai Sweet Chili Sauce Recipe 

Whole fish recipes are automatically impressive! There's something about an entire fish, cooked whole and made crispy, that makes it an awe-inspiring meal. (It's must be the sheer size!) Pour on a delicious sauce that will make every tender and flaky bite super flavorful, too, and you'll have a sure winning dish on your table. 

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3 Calamansi Fish Fillet Recipe 

What's great about some ingredients is that you don't need or want anything else to make it taste super delicious! For this recipe, the tiny but tangy calamansi makes this fish fillet recipe a definite crowd-pleaser at any party you bring it to. 


Double the citrus, double the yum.
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4 Pan-Fried Fish Fillets In Citrus Sauce Recipe 

Simply fried fish fillets can be made better! All you need is some ingenuity when it comes to making the sauce that goes with it. In this case, some lemons and oranges make this sauce tangy and citrusy while the olives offer the saltiness that perfectly marries the entire dish together. The amount of crispy garlic bits doesn't hurt its flavor either. 

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5 Sinanglay na Hasa-Hasa (Stewed Fish) Recipe

This everyday dish is not to be mistaken as ordinary just because it can be served on an ordinary day. These elegantly wrapped whole fish can be more than just delicious. Each is a prettily packaged fish meal that you can serve on any buffet table with pride. Plus, it's steamed so most of the work is in prepping the fish. 

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6 Fish and Vegetables with Tausi Recipe 

Not all party dishes need to be made with fancy ingredients. Sometimes, all it takes is how you present it. Take this gorgeous and colorful fish recipe for example. It uses simple ingredients such as fish, onions, and tausi or black beans, and everyday flavors. It's then prettily arranged so you can see all of its ingredients. Not only is this now a pretty dish, but it is also deliciously tasty, too. 

Make it easier on yourself! Put it all in one baking and bake it instead.
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7 Baked Herbed Fish Recipe 

Baking can be the no-fuss cooking technique you need when you have too many tasks to do. That's why this simple yet super flavorful dish made with fish fillets, lemons, and lots of herbs make the cut for any party setting. It's baked so all you need to do is prepare the baking dish with all the ingredients that need to make it flavorful and bake in an oven. Less than thirty minutes later and you've got a dish that's fit to serve. Easy! 

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Even the least expensive kind of fish can be fit to serve at any party! All you have to do is make sure it's delicious, and as long as it doesn't look like a disaster on a plate, you should have a winning dish that's worthy of being plated at your next handaan.  


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