These Recipes Make Potatoes Irresistible!

It's not just for French fries.

Anything made with potatoes is almost always good. Whether it’s a crunchy, salty chip or a creamy, garlicky mashed potato ball that’s been stuffed with cheese that reminds you of those delectable balls served in a certain Japanese restaurant, we have to agree that potatoes can become some of the most delicious dishes you can eat. 

If you love potatoes, we have fantastic potato recipes! Make sure to bookmark: these are the best potato recipes you need in your life: 

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1 Homemade Potato Chips Recipe 

Yes. You can definitely make a batch of homemade potato chips and it can even be better than anything you can buy at the store. What’s even better, you can toss them in your favorite flavoring. You can drop by the store and hoard a few packets of sour cream powder, cheese powder, or even toss the two together for a unique cheese and sour cream mix. Then it’s just a matter of making thin, crispy, and salty potato chips and any potato chip craving will be easily dealt with any time.    

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2 Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipe 

Sometimes when you have a delicious fried chicken meal in front of you, rice is the carb of choice. However, you can be craving a creamy, silky, and meltingly smooth mashed potatoes instead because why not? It’s all that plus it’s a hearty substitute for rice. 

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3 Potato Cheese Balls Recipe 

The thing that makes these potato cheese balls recipe so great is the fact that you can use leftovers. Mashed potatoes are great the next day reincarnated into these brilliantly stuffed rounds of creaminess.   


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4 Garlic And Cheese Hasselback Recipe 

What’s even better than a garlic bread recipe that’s been stuffed with melty cheese in between each garlic buttery slice? Potatoes that have melty cheese. Hasselback is basically potatoes with slits through the length of the spud and then cooked (It can be fried, baked, or even air fried.) until crisp. Think of these as a cross between that fragrant garlic bread and rustic homemade potato chips. All you need to do afterward is to pull apart each “chip” and devour it.  

Photo by Riell Santos

5 Chicken and Potato Salad Recipe 

Macaroni salads aren’t the only salads that we Pinoys love! Apart from that gloriously festive looking pasta salad, the combination of chicken and potatoes tossed in a creamy mayonnaise-based dressing is just as beloved as the macaroni version. Pineapples give the macaroni salad its signature sweetness but it does the same to this potato salad, too. Toss in some chopped-up pickles with the creamy dressing, and you’ll happily eat the chicken and lusciously dressed potato chunks.

Photo by Keith Sigua

6 Shakeys-style Mojos Recipe 

This restaurant-worthy recipe might be easily made with a pre-mixed packet of seasonings but we love that we can use up any bottles and sachets of dried herbs and spices we may have lying around to make our own version. These spiced potatoes have a cult following for a reason, and it’s an unforgettably delicious one. 

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7 Potatoes with Bacon Recipe 

The sweet, savory flavor of this thinly sliced, smoked pork belly is an excellent pairing for the creamy, earthy heartiness that the potato has.

In this recipe, this twice-baked potato recipe is made chunkier with the additional ingredients that are then scooped back into the potato skins. This delicious technique ensures that the potatoes are not only tender, fluffy, and cooked through, but it also results in a better version of the baked potato. Each bite contains both fluffy, creamy mashed potato and the salty cheese and sweet-savory bacon, too. How can you resist that? 

Anyone who is a certified potato fan will love these recipes and the flavors, textures, and overall irresistibility of these potato recipes. If you’re planning on making any of these recipes, you may want to check out this great way to cook the potato better, faster: cooking a potato easily by microwaving it. You just simply wrap a wet paper towel around the potato, place it on a plate with a pool of water, and microwave it on High until fork tender. 

Once you get the hang of cooking potatoes to fork-tender perfection, any of these delicious, irresistible potato recipes can be recreated at home. 


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