What's The Difference Between A Slow Cooker And An Instant Pot?

These two pots are not like the other.

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Are you still wondering which of these two special pots you should invest in? Going shopping for great cookware can be daunting. You may not know it but these two pots can be your new cooking best friend in the kitchen! 

These two specialized pots are different but both cook up meat dishes so tender, you'll love using it every day. Here are the main differences between these two small kitchen appliances:

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1 The slow cooker is easy to use.  

The biggest advantage of the slow cooker is that before the complicated functions of a more modern pot came to production, it started with one simple task: how to cook food long and slow without needing to hover over a hot stove all day. 

This was solved with the slow cooker. This cooker is fantastic for tenderizing tough cuts of meat but it can also save you from needing to be present in the kitchen when you have other chores. The slow cooker has two main functions: it can cook for long hours and do it at a constant heat temperature in that length of time. One of the more useful functions of some slow cookers is the timer. This timer is super useful since it automatically turns your slow cooker off when done. Some models have timers, some do not. Without a timer, the slow cooker will keep its heat on until turned off or unplugged. You can of course set your own timer if your model doesn't have one. 

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Whether it has a timer or not, once the slow cooker is plugged in, load it with the ingredients you need to make your meal tasty and just enough water to comfortably simmer for hours. You can actually leave it alone and do other chores. 

Kyowa Slow Cooker KW-2800, P998 and Russell Hobbs Slow Cooker 25570-56, P2,095, Abensons 

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2 The instant pot or multicooker is computerized. 

One great big advantage of the instant pot, also known as a multicooker, is that it's computerized. Gone are the days when you have to wonder if you turned off the stove or need to hover over the pot you left simmering. 

With all the functions of the multicooker, this pot can be super useful. You can cook rice, stew and braise meats, easily steam vegetables, and use it as a warmer and hot pot just like a slow cooker, too. All you have to do is add the ingredients and water in the pot, close and lock the lid, and then choose the right cooking function.

Just like the slow cooker, you too can leave it to cook your food while you do other chores around the house. 

Imarflex IRM-1808DS 8 in 1 Digital Multi-Cooker, P3,900, Lazada and Baumann Living Electric Pressure Cooker, P5,495


3 The multicooker is an electric pressure cooker, too.   

The best feature of the multicooker is really its ability to be a pressure cooker. Since the food is vacuum-sealed in the pot, that airtight lid and heavy steel body acts as a pressure cooker. What's fantastic is that because it's a computerized appliance, it is safer than a manual pressure cooker. You still have to release the pressure that has built but the computer settings will prevent you from forgetting and won't release that lid until it's safe to do so.     

This slow cooker recipe cooks the rice and chicken at the same time!
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4 Both can replace your rice cooker, hot pot, and warmer.  

If you're thinking that you don't need another appliance, think about this: you can use either of these two as a rice cooker. If you have a dedicated rice cooker at home, that's a great pairing because that means you can load up both appliances and have a meal ready without much fuss. However, if you don't use it often, you might find that having a slow cooker or multicooker is more useful. 

Just like a rice cooker, it can steam rice and other food, too. Even better than that, since it won't automatically turn off, it can act as a hot pot and even a food warmer when you have guests in the house, too. 


Are you still trying to decide which is the best pot for you? When you just cannot choose and want both, this specialized cooker guide should be able to help you make the right decision for you.   



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