Air Fryer vs. Turbo Broiler: What’s The Difference?

These two appliances have more in common than you think.
turbo broiler vs air fryer kitchen appliances
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The pandemic saw the space-age looking air fryer becoming the kitchen appliance to have. It’s an easy-to-use appliance that promises to perfectly “air fry” your food to delicious deep-fried levels using little to no oil.  

However, did you know before the air fryer, the technology of its fan-propelled cooking abilities already existed and is used in at least two other kitchen appliances? One is the convection oven where a fan placed inside the chamber of the oven helps air circulate. The other is the kitchen appliance that was popular back in the 1980s and into the 1990s. Growing up, you may have encountered this small kitchen appliance that was frequently used to roast a whole chicken: the turbo broiler.        

What are the differences and similarities between the air fryer and turbo broiler? 

While there are obvious similarities and differences between the two popular small kitchen appliances, it’s the similarities that make these two familiar to use. This is how the air fryer and the turbo broiler compare with each other:   

1 Both have the heating element located on top.

Take out the basket of the air fryer like this one from Russell Hobbs, and you’ll see that the basket contains nothing more than the basket and the basket holder. What cooks your food is located behind the mesh that’s located above the basket when it’s inserted into the machine. 


On the turbo broiler like this Imarflex, it’s the same thing. The turbo broiler is made of glass with a metal frame that surrounds it and a heat-resistant plastic base. The main machine on this appliance that heats the food is located on the lid which holds the heating element and the control panel.

2 Both have air-circulating fans. 

If you take a look inside the air fryer above the basket, you’ll see a fan inside the protective wire mesh. The mesh actually hides the fan and the heating element. It also protects you from accidentally touching it. It’s this fan that will “air fry” the food. Super-heated air, which can reach up to over 400 degrees F or 200 degrees C, is circulated around the basket.  

The turbo broiler lid where the fan is located is also where the heating element is located. This is easy to remove but since it’s removable, you need to be careful when handling it since it can become hot and you can accidentally burn yourself. 

turbo broiler air-circulating fan
Photo by Riell Santos

3 Both use a wire basket or elevated rack. 

The elevated wire rack in the turbo broiler is how the super-heated air flows around the food you’re cooking, ensuring the heat is consistent throughout the chamber. This efficient air circulation is also featured in the air fryer. The air fryer’s basket also allows the air to move freely through the food. 


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The ability of the air to freely circulate within both kinds of kitchen appliances is the reason why food placed in either appliance is best when given lots of room. Any part that doesn’t get touched by the hot air will not crisp up and “air fry.”  

Do you need more reasons to understand that both appliances from two different eras are quite similar? Whether you prefer the old-school look of the turbo broiler or appreciate the ease of use of the trendy air fryer, you can cook your food in either small kitchen appliance and the resulting dish will be very similar, too. 

Here are a few air fryers and turbo broilers that you can buy online when you’re ready to get one for your kitchen: 

Turbo Broilers On Sale You Can Buy Online

turbo broiler in red and white
These turbo broilers came before the trendy air fryer: Hanabishi Turbo Broiler, 3D Turbo Broiler, and Imarflex Turbo Broiler. 
Photo by Hanabishi, SM Store, Shopee

Hanabishi Turbo Broiler

It’s the little things that can make an appliance more attractive to you, and for this turbo broiler from Hanabishi, this one thing can be what makes you buy it: it’s got a light. This pilot lamp that lights up the inside of the glass pot may not seem like big news but this means you don’t have to let the hot air out just to check if the chicken or lechon kawali is browned on top too. 


Hanabishi Turbo Broiler HTB128, P2,315, MyHanabishi

3D Turbo Broiler

This 3D turbo broiler is fitted with a halogen heating element on top with a high temperature-resistant glass pot. The timer is up to 60 minutes with a signal bell that lets you know when your food is done cooking. Finally, the turbo broiler has a 1-year warranty on both parts and labor, so you can rest assured of your new appliance. 

3D Turbo Broiler CR-7G 3D, P2,595, SM Store

Imarflex Turbo Broiler in Red 

Sometimes you want a brand name that is familiar, and this turbo broiler brand is one of them. It’s a simple kitchen appliance that has a tempered glass pot at its base, a reversible rack inside made of stainless steel, and a whopping 12-liter capacity that means you can cook a whole chicken in there with no worries. 

Imarflex Turbo Broiler CVO-650G Red, 12 liter, P3,050, imarflex Philippines, Shopee 

Air Fryers On Sale That You Can Buy Online 

air fryer appliances in black, digital and manual
These air fryers are on sale this CNY: Kyowa Digital Air Fryer, Union Air Fryer, and Russell Hobbs Air Fryer. 
Photo by SM Store, Anson’s

Kyowa Digital Air Fryer

The Kyowa Digital Air Fryer has a digital LED display and 10-preset cooking modes that mean you can bake, roast, fry, and toast. Best of all, the air fryer brand gives you a 1-year limited warranty starting from the date of purchase of the product and Lifetime Free Service Warranty for labor if it ever needs to be fixed. 

Kyowa 7L Digital Air Fryer KW-3834, P3,795, SM Store

Union Air Fryer

This air fryer from Union has a 30-minute timer that automatically shuts off when it’s done. It also has a hand grip on the basket that stays cool and non-slip feet so you can confidently slide the basket in and out of the air fryer with ease. 

Union Air Fryer UGAF-21, 2.1 liter, P1,839.20, SM Store

Russell Hobbs Manual Air Fryer

This air fryer from Russell Hobbs may be pricer than other air fryers but it’s got a big 3.5-liter capacity. Plus, it has a 60-minute timer which means you can air fry more food for longer periods of time without having to come back and reset the timer. 

Russell Hobbs RHAF3C 3.5 Liters Manual Air Fryer, P5,995, Russell Hobbs Flagship Store, Lazada 

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